Microsoft In Talks To Acquire Discord For More Than $10 Billion

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Microsoft In Talks To Acquire Discord For More Than $10 Billion

Microsoft’s hunt to buy companies with access to flourishing communities has led the tech giant to Discord.

Microsoft is in negotiations to buy Discord, the popular instant messaging, voice chat and digital distribution platform. As per reports, the deal is worth more than $10 billion.

As reported by VentureBeat on March 22, Discord was talking to probable buyers about a potential sale. Although there was no mention of Microsoft in that report, according to people close to the matter, Microsoft is in the contest.

Discord has become an enormous platform since its launch five years ago. The videoconferencing application had a net worth of $7 billion in December, shortly after its $140 million funding from Greenoaks Capital. Discord has also raised $100 million in June last year, which makes it quite obvious that the sale will amount to double digits.

Microsoft’s Xbox business is growing at a reasonable rate. The company is now looking to further expand its reaches and explore new opportunities. The recent acquisition of Zenimax Media for $7.5 billion is a burning example. Zenimax owns Bethesda Studios, a game publisher responsible for big titles like The Elder Scrolls series, Doom and Fallout.

Founded by Jason Citron and Eros Resmini, Discord is much more than just an instant messaging application. It is the key to a torrent of communities, from gamers to entrepreneurs to wide selections of businesses. Being a forum-like platform it fills the bridge between game developing companies and their community. Discord will be a strong acquisition for Microsoft and a wise choice going forward.

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