Microsoft And Sony To Partner Up For The “Content Creator Community”

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Microsoft And Sony To Partner Up For The “Content Creator Community”

Two gaming giants are working together on a new project.

Microsoft and Sony are two of the biggest names in all of video gaming history. In the entertainment world, they are also two pinnacles of expanding tech company success.

Though they may have been rivals, the forces of vidya have come together for an entirely new kind of collaboration. Here is the direct transcript from Microsoft’s latest blog entry, detailing the upcoming collab.

Under the memorandum of understanding signed by the parties, the two companies will explore joint development of future cloud solutions in Microsoft Azure to support their respective game and content-streaming services. In addition, the two companies will explore the use of current Microsoft Azure data center-based solutions for Sony’s game and content-streaming services.

By working together, the companies aim to deliver more enhanced entertainment experiences for their worldwide customers. These efforts will also include building better development platforms for the content creator community.

So while both companies are pushing their soon-to-be-released next-gen consoles, the Xbox One and PS4, it seems a bit strange they plan on sharing technology and information so freely. According to that same blog post, they are working together for the benefit of “new innovations to enhance customer experiences in their direct-to-consumer entertainment platforms and AI solutions.” But… what does that mean exactly?

Another Look

Microsoft and Sony are looking to grow their shared infrastructures. It should be noted that throughout the entire press release, there is absolutely no mention of Xbox or Playstation. Keeping it low key is a smart move for both companies, but in this ever-expanding clown world in which we live, you can almost guarantee Microsoft and Sony's partnership will be heavily focused on gaming.

Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, had this to say:

“Sony has always been a leader in both entertainment and technology, and the collaboration we announced today builds on this history of innovation. Our partnership brings the power of Azure and Azure AI to Sony to deliver new gaming and entertainment experiences for customers.”

This whole agreement is fishy yet refreshing. Both Sony and Microsoft are developing future cloud solutions for Microsoft Azure. Ok. Sounds cool right?

However, the blog post further states that Sony will only use Microsoft Azure for its “own game and content-streaming services.” The two companies are also committing to work together diligently on being semiconductors of artificial intelligence, especially since AI in video games is a new expanding market.

For both companies to dip their toes even further into artificial intelligence shows that video games are heading towards a more cinematic experience. While Nintendo has finally found footing with online gaming that doesn’t lag, Microsoft and Sony might be looking to shake up the game industry with something that could be new and invigorating. Granted, it could end up spiraling into a chaotic dumpster fire of Blizzard conference proportions, but let’s hope that isn’t the case. At least for the sake of future generations of gamers to come.

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