Mesut Ozil’s Agent Says the Footballer Could Get Into Esports After Retiring

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Mesut Ozil’s Agent Says the Footballer Could Get Into Esports After Retiring

The famous German footballer's agent talked about his client’s future after football, according to him, Mesut Ozil could be looking to esports.

Mesut Ozil is a German professional footballer who played for teams like Schalke 04, Real Madrid and Arsenal as an attacking midfielder. Ozil is currently under contract with the Turkish Super League team Fenerbahçe; however, the World Cup winner is not a part of the first team due to disciplinary issues. With a return to the high-level competition unlikely at short notice, Ozil and his team are looking toward the future.

Yesterday, star midfielder's agent, Dr. Erkut Sogut, gave an interview to The Telegraph in which he said his client has a good chance to get into the esports industry after he retires from football. Sogut said, “He will go more into esports, play himself and maybe become an esports athlete,” before adding, “I wouldn’t be surprised if he is competing [in Fortnite],” in a statement that can upset Arsenal fans. Before Ozil departed from the London club, some critics suggested his declining performance was due to spending too much time playing games.

Ozil already owns an esports organization named M10 Esports, whose co-owner and CEO is his brother Mutlu Ozil. M10 Esports was founded by Mesut Ozil in 2018 and is an organization mainly focused on FIFA and Fortnite. Although the organization doesn’t have any players who compete in FIFA competitions since early November 2020, there are still some active streamers on Twitch who stream under the M10 banner. Still, Sogut didn’t give any more details about what are the plans for his client’s future in the esports space.