Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 March 7 Update: All The Content

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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 March 7 Update: All The Content

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 March 7 Update adds 2 new suits, along with a host of other features and additions to the second installment in the acclaimed series.

The game now lets you change the time of the day once you complete the main story, a feature that many plays had requested since the game’s launch. Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 opened to rave reviews, yet didn’t bag a single award at the Game Awards 2023.

Besides adding new content, Insomniac also add a host of accessibility features such as closed cinematic captions, a screen reader that reads everything aloud on whats on the screen.

First things first, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 March 7 update adds a new Game+ for players who are willing to replay the missions with a higher difficulty, in an effort to please completionists. A much requested feature that allows fans to change the night/day cycle has been added, with a bunch of new suits in partnership with a corporation.

The game has also added a screen reader that reads aloud the text that displays on the screen. The screenreader can be adjusted in a variety of ways, players have complete functionality and freedom to adjust the volume, a delay in reading the text, and more. Players can set the amount of time, in seconds, before the current set of entries will be repeated on idle.


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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 March 7 Update New Suits 


  • Screen Reader: The screen reader reads aloud the text on the screen, and provides spoken guidance for navigating the menus.
    • Screen Reader Enabled: Settings Menu, Tutorials, Boot Screen
    • Screen Reader Volume: Adjust Screen Reader volume


  • Audio Descriptions: Enable descriptive narration of in-game cinematics.
    • Audio Descriptions Enabled
    • Audio Description Volume


Closed captions that describe non-speech sounds, and everything else that is happening on-screen during many of the game’s key missions, and events. The complete list of captions and subtitle releated changes from the foficial blog post have been listed below.

Captions: Display closed captions for non-speech sounds for key in-game events and combat music.

  • Caption Customization: Adjust settings for Captions, including:
    • Caption Size
    • Caption
    • Caption Background Color
    • Caption Background Opacity


    • Mono Audio


  • Aim Arc Color: Set the color arc indicator when throwing.
  • Target Arc Color: Set the color target indicator when throwing.
  • Center Dot Color: Enable a persistent center dot on the center of the screen to help provide a focal point. Hidden during cinematics.


    • High Contrast Presets: Enable various shader and high contrast options to help with visibility. Use presets or customize each setting individually.
    • High Contrast Outlines

Marvel’s Spiderman 2 March 7 update also ships some new control settings, such as the feature that will now allow players to remap buttons on their controller, and the ability to turn off the contr0ller touchpad during combat. Support for Alternate layouts has also been added. In conclusion, all the player requested features the game was missing since the beginning, have been added in the latest update to the sequel to 2018’s Marvel’s Spider-Man.

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