Epic Reveals Trailer for Marvel’s 1943 Rise of Hydra, And It Looks Amazing

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Epic Reveals Trailer for Marvel’s 1943 Rise of Hydra, And It Looks Amazing

Skydance Media And Marvel Entertainment has revealed their standalone game, called Marvel 1943: Rise of Hydra, and the teaser footage so far looks great.

Marvel and Skydance just revealed the teaser trailer for their ambitious upcoming title, Marvel 1943: Rise of Hydra, an upcoming standalone story-driven action game that is slated to release sometime around 2025.

The graphic fidelity the game will possess is evident in its teaser trailer, and fans all over social media are just gushing over how good the game looks. While we don't have a sneak peek at the gameplay, we expect Marvel Entertainment to release some peeks further down the road as the release date for the game approaches. The cutscenes displayed in the trailer are said to be generated in real time, which means the gameplay will also possess the exact same level of graphical fidelity. The title has been helmed by fellow creatives of the Uncharted franchise, and we look forward to another possible standalone Marvel action blockbuster AAA game.

While the game doesn't contain any more Marvel Heroes besides the Wakandan King and Captain America — we expect a Marvel character cameo of some sort.
While we do not have a release date for the game yet, we expect it to release sometime around mid- to late-2025. We will update this article when we receive more information from Marvel Entertainment regarding a release date for their ambitious new title, which includes Captain America and

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On the other hand, the game has a list of acclaimed creatives headlining the title, such as Amy Hennig. Hennig has been the head-honcho creative for a list of Naughty Dog games, including the blockbuster Uncharted franchise. It seems that Amy Fennig has bought her creative flair to the game, and we hope the gameplay lives up to the graphic fidelity the game possesses. The cutscenes are stated to be rendered all in real-time, as the Marvel Entertainmemt is revealed to run on Unreal Engine 5.

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