Marguerit’s Base Locations And Lore – Subnautica: Below Zero

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Marguerit’s Base Locations And Lore – Subnautica: Below Zero

Let's uncover the mystery of the mercenary that lived, and figure out Marguerit's base locations and lore in the wide expanse of the Subnautica: Below Zero map

In the ever-growing universe of the expansive and enigmatic Subnautica series, it's easy to presume that the solo-based gameplay might leave space for proper lore and exciting characters. That is where Marguerit Maida comes in, bringing a unique story clouded in mystery and legendary tales worth captivating you. Let's dive into the depths of the icy world and locate this menacing mercenary, her base and her true intentions with you. 

Marguerit's Base Locations And Lore

Marguerit's contribution to the second game of the series, Subnautica: Below Zero, is tied well into the main storyline, leading players to snoop into the words and directions of the mercenary to find her base and slowly uncover her true intentions.  

Lore of the Mercenary 

Marguerit Maida was introduced into the universe of Subnautica as a hired mercenary tasked with safeguarding the Degasi and its crew from the relentless threats of pirate raids. Being the sole mercenary, it sets a tone for the character, portraying her as a tough and hard-to-beat individual. The crew of the Degasi also consisted of Paul Torgal and his son Bart Torgal, the first of which constantly finds himself clashing in interests with the mercenary. This leads to disagreements, but regardless, Marguerit's invaluable experience is showcased multiple times through PDA stories about wrestling Stalkers and even confronting a Reaper Leviathan.

Marguerit's Base Locations And Lore - Subnautica: Below Zero
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The three survivors of the Degasi crash initially established their first base on the Floating Islands as seen in Subnautica, however a landslide forces them to relocate to the Jellyshroom Caves. Marguerit play's a crucial role in the downfall of the crew, as she relentlessly persuades the crew to construct a base in the Deep Grand Reef. The treacherous biome treats the survivors to a harsh reality of an alien disease infecting them, and marks the turning point to Margerit's escape and presumed demise. 

Marguerit, although unidentified by the player, can be heard for the first time in Below Zero, as the player approaches the Delta Island located in the center of Sector Zero. After getting to the island, a voice plays out, warning the player to turn away, but then introduces herself in a grand fashion, threatening the player she perceives to be working for Alterra. This reveal is especially mind-blowing for Subnautica players, who have only heard tales of her exploits and are now face-to-face with the legend. 

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Base Locations: Sea Base and Greenhouse Base

After warning the player to ‘stay away', Marguerit leaves for her underwater base, which is later marked by the PDA as ‘Pilot Last Known Position'. Following your PDA to this marker will not lead you to the base, but rather to an area near the Lilypad Islands, from which you have to look for light sticks. As the dive will be quite trecherous, it is advised to have a High Capacity O2 Tank when preparing for the venture into the depths.

Marguerit's Base Locations And Lore - Subnautica: Below Zero
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Once you spot a light stick, you must move toward it until you spot the next light stick, which is usually paired with an Oxygen Plant to help you navigate with less risk of drowning. As you follow the lightsticks deeper, you will finally be greeted by Marguerit showing annoyance at your persistence to seek her out. 

The journey to the base introduces players to the dangers of the Purple Vents biome, inhabited by aggressive Cryptosuchus and formidable Chelicerates, so bringing your Seatruck is advised.
Players who find her base will be greeted to quite a few surprises, but find beneficial upgrades and scannable fragments including the Seatruck Perimeter Defense Upgrade, a scannable Snowfox Fragment and the Test Override Module Fragment, an unavoidable quest item.

After successfully taking control of Alterra Communications, Marguerite reaches out to guide players to her location. She mentions she's about a kilometer east, perched on top of a large iceberg. To find her, use the Communications Tower on Delta Island as a guide. Hop into your Seatruck, stay close to the island, and face the Communications Tower in the west. Once on the east side, past the Lilypad Islands, a noticeable iceberg split into two sections signals you're on the right track.

Marguerite's Greenhouse is on top of this iceberg. Use the Delta Station Dock Beacon for reference, and follow a Light Stick path while using Fevered Peppers for warmth. After climbing a slope, you'll reach Marguerite's place, meeting her and her Snow Stalker companion, Preston yet again.

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Marguerit's Base Locations And Lore - Subnautica: Below Zero
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Inside the Greenhouse, Marguerite shares insights about Sam, Robin's sister, and her changing allegiance to Alterra. During this chat, players can find important PDAs that advance the story. The Greenhouse isn't just about the narrative; it's a treasure trove of resources. Help yourself to plants, scan items, and delve deeper into the story of survival and mystery unfolding in Subnautica: Below Zero.

Preparing for the Journey

Venturing near Marguerite's two bases in Subnautica: Below Zero comes with its share of hazards. The first base, tucked beneath the Lilypad Islands, introduces dangers in the form of Cryptosuchus and Chelicerates within the Purple Vents biome. Essential preparations involve fitting the Seatruck with the Perimeter Defense Upgrade to tackle these threats effectively. Gathering resources like Crashfish Eggs and Crystalline Sulfur in the Purple Vents proves crucial.

Marguerit's Base Locations And Lore - Subnautica: Below Zero
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On the journey to the second base, Marguerite's Greenhouse atop an iceberg, the East Arctic biome brings frigid challenges. Equipping a Cold Suit, carrying warm consumables, and making use of Thermal Lilies and Hot Springs help counter the risk of hypothermia. These practical measures, coupled with a well-prepared Seatruck, empower players to confidently navigate the diverse dangers surrounding Marguerite's concealed havens.

Spicing Up The Icy World's Lore

In the vast and mysterious world of Subnautica: Below Zero, delving into the lore and bases of the formidable Marguerit Maida adds a layer of intrigue to the solo gameplay. Unveiling the tales of this enigmatic mercenary, from her clash with Paul Torgal on the Degasi to her survival and resurgence in Below Zero, opens a pathway to captivating narratives and legendary exploits. As players navigate the icy depths, uncovering Marguerit's bases becomes a thrilling quest, leading to encounters with Cryptosuchus, Chelicerates, and the frigid challenges of the East Arctic biome.

Marguerit's lore intertwines seamlessly with her hidden sanctuaries, each revealing facets of her character and the overarching story. Whether braving the Purple Vents or trekking to the Greenhouse atop an iceberg, strategic preparations and a well-equipped Seatruck become essential companions on this dangerous journey. Subnautica: Below Zero not only offers a solitary adventure but a saga woven with mystery, survival, and the enigmatic legacy of Marguerit Maida.

Marguerit’s Base Locations And Lore – Subnautica: Below Zero
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