Gold & Calaverite Outcrops Guide – Subnautica: Below Zero

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Gold & Calaverite Outcrops Guide – Subnautica: Below Zero

Let's take a dive into the depths of planet 4546B and uncover ways to maximize Gold & Calaverite Outcrops acquisition in our Subnautica: Below Zero Guide

Whether you are Thalassophobic or a gamer who is a fan of the survival genre, few can deny the impact of the Subnautica series by Unknown Worlds Games on this genre. The latter of the series, Below Zero, crafts a captivating story on planet 4546B, building upon the first game's world with a few new twists, biomes and survival hurdles. With the introduction of a new element to master – the cold – the new game garnered both love and criticism from the gaming community.

Regardless, in the watery expanse of the Subnautica: Below Zero map, resources are pretty tricky to find, especially when you are unaware of the location of the biomes in which they are in abundance. Apart from its conventional use as currency, Gold in Subnautica: Below Zero is used in the Fabricator for its unique conductive properties in various recipes. Furthermore, as players dive into murkier depths, they can unlock multiple construction opportunities of underwater bases and advancing technologies to make exploring easier. This article delves into the art of finding Gold in Subnautica: Below Zero, providing detailed methods for both experienced players and newcomers to locate this resource quickly.

Locating Gold & Calaverite Outcrops

Locating gold in Subnautica: Below Zero is a manageable task, especially if you know the two options. For most players starting the game, the most reliable source for Gold is by breaking Calaverite Outcrops, but it can also be found directly from Ore Veins and Large Resource Deposits throughout the map.

Calaverite Crops

Gold & Calaverite Outcrops Guide - Subnautica: Below Zero
Credit: AmebaOwnd

Crops are roundly shaped blocks which stick to the landscape of the various biomes of planet 4546B, one of which is known as the Calaverite Crop. When broken, these outcrops can either yield Titanium or Gold, which leads to players having to farm quite a few of them to meet the requirements. These outcrops are quite abundant in deep waters, located mainly in the Arctic Kelp Caves, the Crystal Caves and the Twisty Bridges Caves. 

Subnautica players will be able to recall the crops' appearance from the first game, where they were almost identical in design to the ones known as Sandstone Outcrops. 

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Large Resource Deposits

The Large Resource deposits are large spikey rock formations that contain a single particular resource in large amounts. Gold Resource Deposits can be found in the Crystal Caves, at the Koppa Mining Site and Deep Lily Caves, and these can be mined for a significant boost of Gold. Be aware that you must have a Prawn Suit with the Drill Arm upgrade to be able to farm these deposits and benefit from their large sums of resources. Farming a bunch of these Resource Deposits is more than enough to help you get most of the needed upgrades and items in the game, as they can drop between 9-18 Gold when harvested. 

The blueprint for the Drill Arm upgrade can be acquired by scanning fragments at the Koppa Mining Site and can be then crafted with your base's Fabricator or your Moonpool's Vehicle Upgrade Console with 5 Titanium, 1 Lithium and 1 Diamond. 

Ore Veins

Gold & Calaverite Outcrops Guide - Subnautica: Below Zero
Credit: Unknown Worlds

Gold can also be found in Ore Veins scattered throughout the Deep Twisty Bridges biome and in the East Arctic, but these are not the most reliable ways to collect any particular resource. Ore Veins can contain pretty much every resource in the game, reducing your chance of finding any preferred resource when needed. Furthermore, as Ore Veins must be collected manually by reaching into the center of the gaping crack, some resources can bug out, leaving you short of 2-3 units. 

Uses of Gold – Crafting and Upgrades

Gold is used for various equipment and upgrades in Subnautica: Below Zero by use in the Fabricator, the Habitat Builder and the Scanner Room.

Fabricator – Crafting With Gold

One of the most highly crafted items is the Computer Chip, which is the bread-and-butter to most of the mid to late-game items in Below Zero. Whether it's building the Prawn Suit for deeper exploration, constructing a Habitat Builder for building your underwater base, or for crafting the Modification Station to enhance your equipment, most of your Gold will be spent making this chip. 

Gold & Calaverite Outcrops Guide - Subnautica: Below Zero
Credit: Nexus Mods

You will also need Gold to fabricate Polyaniline and Ion Batteries, both of which have more limited use compared to the Computer Chip. The Parallel Processing Unit, an item that helps craft the Test Override Module needed to progress in the main story, also requires Gold. 

Habitat Builder – Building With Gold

This resource also plays a major part in overall resource acquisition, as it helps build the Scanner Room, a base part used to select, scan, locate and mark resources around your underwater base. The Scanner Room Speed Upgrade, one of the upgrades of the Scanner Room, also needs Gold to be crafted, and can significantly boost the speed of the scanning and locating of the resource. This room is widely cherished amongst Below Zero players, as it creates the possibility of finding rare resources in the dim and deep waters of 4546B.  

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Gold & Calaverite Outcrops Guide - Subnautica: Below Zero
Credit: Reddit

Gold plays another crucial part through its power of conducting and transmitting power to your base. By crafting Power Transmitters, you can direct power created by nearby power sources like Solar Panels and Thermal Plants back to your base to keep it running. 

Preparing For The Dive

A crucial part of Subnautica: Below Zero is that it falls under the category of a Survival game. Therefore, finding and farming Calaverite Crops, Ore Veins and Resource Deposits are naturally not an easy task. As most of these sources are located in deeper waters, it is advised to upgrade your Oxygen Tanks to at least a High Capacity O2 Tank. 

Furthermore, venturing into the depths with the Seatruck allows you to travel safely, and with the Storage Module Upgrade, collect more Gold per run. You should also upgrade the Depth Module for your Seatruck, as it makes sure you are closer to your route of escape.  

Spoilers Ahead: Sea Monkey Interactions!

Sea Monkeys may be cute and friendly creatures, but they do have a bad habit of stealing items from the players and fleeing as you chase frantically. But, once players have ventured further into the depths, found Sanctuary Zero and retrieved Al-An, the interaction players have with Sea Monkeys changes. Apparently, Sea Monkeys are pretty friendly with the alien entity harbouring in your head, and the Sea Monkeys often reward you with Gold!

This is more likely to happen if there is a Blueprint pinned, which requires the resource, and sometimes, players may even be gifted rare diamonds from these naughty natives. 

Golden Times in Subnautica: Below Zero

As we plunge into the scary depths of Subnautica: Below Zero's planet 4546B, mastering the ins and outs of finding every resource, outcrop, ore and deposit becomes a crucial survival skill. Whether you're a seasoned explorer fearlessly diving into the deep waters or a newcomer looking to upgrade your gear and unveil the secrets of planet 4546B, Gold plays a crucial role in progress through the game. So, equip yourself, upgrade strategically, and embark on a journey through the icy expanses of Subnautica.

Gold & Calaverite Outcrops Guide – Subnautica: Below Zero
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