Marauders New “Excavation” Update Launches July 4th

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Marauders New “Excavation” Update Launches July 4th

Team17 Digital and Small Impact Games have made an announcement today about the upcoming third major content update for the Steam Early Access shooter game Marauders. This update, called ‘Excavation,' will be released on July 4th.

What does Marauders' Excavation update contain?

Excavation introduces a completely new raid that takes place on an industrial mining vessel designed to capture passing asteroids and extract valuable resources from them. Within the massive steel structure of the vessel, players will engage in intense combat, exchanging blows and bullets. They will also have the opportunity to explore the depths of the vessel, where they can plunder new equipment from a complex network of caves that have been carved out of an asteroid.

In addition to the new raid, the Excavation update brings a fresh boss to the game known as ‘The Warden.' This formidable enemy is located in a secure room within the Penal Colony raid. The Warden is heavily guarded by personal security and is equipped with valuable loot, including the Jackhammer shotgun, heavy shields, and The Warden Riot Helmet, which is the most powerful armor available in the game so far. Defeating The Warden requires players to demonstrate precision and strategic thinking, as they will need to employ all their skills and cunning to emerge victorious.

For anyone who wants to know more information about the game, in this article, we have enclosed all our first impressions of Marauders, which lists both its strengths and, above all, some game mechanics that did not completely convince us and which they deserve to be reviewed in order to raise the global level of the game.

Marauders New “Excavation” Update Launches July 4th
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