Manor Lords Roadmap: What New Content Can You Expect?

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Manor Lords Roadmap: What New Content Can You Expect?

What future content does the Manor Lords roadmap promise?

Manor Lords, the captivating new medieval strategy game, has stormed into Early Access and captured the attention of players with its unique blend of city-building and large-scale tactical battles. Positive reviews highlight how the game seamlessly integrates social and economic factors, creating a deeply engaging experience. As the game continues to expand its ever-growing player base, players might be curious about the Manor Lords roadmap. What new content and features can Manor Lords players expect to see in the coming days. Here’s what we know.

Manor Lords Roadmap 2024: What We Know Right Now

Manor Lords Roadmap: What New Content Can You Expect?

Credit: Slavic Magic

During the initial months of early access, Manor Lords will undergo its first wave of patches, aimed at addressing community-reported bugs. As development progresses, attention will shift to refining combat mechanics, balancing the economy, and devising defensive strategies against barbarian raids and encroaching rival lords, alongside the planning of road networks and fortifications.

Here’s what Greg Styczeń, the only developer in Slavic Magic, said about Manor Lord roadmap plans:

“I'm still considering whether to keep the testing of future patches closed or open, my current idea is to have an open pre_release beta branch so that everyone who owns the game can check and test the most recent pre-release unstable version of the game and contribute if they want to. And keeping the main branch as the previous most stable version. Though let me know, maybe you'd prefer me to keep the unstable versions to a closed testing group?”

Styczeń is considering the possibility of an open beta or PTR system. This exciting initiative would empower players as early testers, allowing them to dive into upcoming patches in a closed environment. Their feedback will be instrumental in shaping Manor Lords' future as they identify potential issues and suggest improvements. It's a win-win – players get a sneak peek, and Styczeń gathers invaluable insights!

While a comprehensive roadmap isn't available yet, stay tuned for updates on exciting new content planned for Manor Lords throughout 2024. In the meantime, the game is confirmed for Xbox Series X/S and coming soon to Game Pass! PlayStation 5 details are still under wraps. Right now, we are also not sure when the next Manor Lords update will drop.

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Manor Lords Roadmap: What Changes Might Come in the Future?

Manor Lords Roadmap: What New Content Can You Expect?

You can expect these features to pop up in Manor Lords in future updates:

Walls and Fortifications

While defensive walls and fortifications aren't currently available in Manor Lords, the developer is planning to add them in a future update. This means you'll soon have more options to bolster your defenses beyond relying solely on your valiant troops.

Naval Warfare

Ahoy, aspiring lords! The high seas may soon beckon, as Slavic Magic is exploring the addition of epic naval battles to Manor Lords. This exciting prospect promises a whole new dimension to warfare, challenging you to defend your lands not just from land-based invasions, but also from marauding fleets. Get ready to command your ships and secure your maritime borders!

New Maps and Resources

Should epic naval clashes set sail for Manor Lords (and all signs point towards a glorious ‘Aye!'), expect a complete maritime makeover! Here are the new things that could come to the game:

  • Vast, new maps: Imagine sprawling coastlines and expansive oceans, teeming with strategic opportunities for your fleets.
  • Unveiling hidden resources: The depths may hold treasures unseen, from exotic materials to vital resources that fuel your naval dominance.

Please keep in mind that this claim is purely speculative, as there has been no official mention of new maps or resources. That said, if naval battles do come to the game, there should be significant changes in the map to introduce larger water bodies for the ships to sail on.


Cavalry units, a potential future addition to the game, could revolutionize Manor Lord’s combat. Here's how:

  • Vulnerable Backlines: Archers safely nestled behind shields? Not anymore! Cavalry's swift charges could flank your formations and wreak havoc on your ranged units.
  • Increased Maneuverability: Outmaneuver your foes with the speed and agility of mounted troops. Cavalry could become key for flanking enemy lines, chasing down retreating forces, and securing strategic positions.

The addition of cavalry in Manor Lords would undoubtedly add a thrilling layer of tactical complexity to battles. We are hopeful of seeing it in a future Manor Lords roadmap.

Diverse Cultures and Factions

Medieval Europe is vast and diverse, and Manor Lords players are eager to explore it further! The call for additional cultures and factions could resonated with the developer, who has acknowledged his interest in expanding the game's scope. That means, there is a good chance that we will get to see more cultures in the factions in the game soon.

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Medieval warfare wasn't static, and Manor Lords might soon reflect that evolution. The introduction of gunpowder, potentially through early firearms like the handgonne, presents a fascinating opportunity. This wouldn't just be about adding a new weapon – it could represent a shift in tactics, forcing players to adapt their strategies to this new and volatile technology.

This represents a significant leap in technology as it renders items such as plate armor and shields obsolete, granting you the ability to achieve decisive victories over rival lords.

Single Person Units

Manor Lords' battles currently thrive on the tactical deployment of large armies. However, a recent FAQ on the official Discord server hints at a potential future expansion: single-person units. This could encompass legendary warriors or game-changing siege weaponry like trebuchets and ballistas. While details remain under wraps, the prospect of these specialized units injects a dose of strategic intrigue into Manor Lords' combat landscape.

Manor Lords Roadmap: Which Features Will Not Be a Part of the Game?

The following features have been confirmed not to appear via future Manor Lords updates:

Dynasty Mechanics

Manor Lords will not have legacy building! While some strategy games focus on multi-generational dynasties, here you'll craft your own legend as a singular, powerful leader. Forget micromanaging heirs – focus on expanding your territory, amassing wealth, and shaping the fate of your domain within a single, epic campaign.

This means that you'll always take on the role of the same character, charged with the management of their estates and military forces until you conquer the scenario and emerge victorious in the game. There will be no passing of property and power to future generations.

No Hero/ Leader Units

Manor Lords strives for a balanced and tactical combat experience. Introducing powerful hero units could disrupt the equilibrium and overshadow the importance of well-coordinated armies. Here, every unit plays a vital role, creating a strategic challenge that rewards skillful troop deployment and leadership. The strategic command of the entire army remains the main focus.

Dedicated Town Guards

It has also been confirmed that there will be no dedicated town guards in the game. Manor Lords streamlines city management by combining town guards and military forces. There will be no juggling separate units! Your loyal troops become a multi-faceted force, tackling internal security concerns while remaining vigilant against external threats. This allows you to focus on a single, powerful army, ensuring the safety of your people and the security of your lands.

Manor Lords Roadmap: What New Content Can You Expect?
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