7 Ways to make Money in Like a Dragon: Ishin!

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7 Ways to make Money in Like a Dragon: Ishin!

Enjoying Like a Dragon: Ishin! but you're short on cash? Here is all you need to know about making money in RGGs studio's latest title!

If you've been playing and enjoying Like a Dragon: Ishin!, especially on one of the higher difficulty levels you've probably been wondering why you're always short on Ryo, the game's currency. If you haven't checked it out yet, read our review here.

Once you reach the latter half of the game, some of the challenges and boss fights require upgraded equipment and there is also that 100 Ryo mortgage you'll have to pay off for Haruka for the achievement. And leveling up the blacksmith, as well as upgrading your equipment will come with a hefty price.

So let's get into some methods of how you'll become the wealthiest samurai in all of kyo.

Be Virtuous

In Ishin, you get virtue for pretty much everything you do. This is why you should, as quickly as possible, invest in the virtue cultivation perks at shrines to get the most out of it.

Here you can also pay virtue to open a shop with the priest that handed out the diligence reports. This shop is only for virtue points and all kinds of useful items. Like experience boosts for your various fighting styles, weapons, and materials.

But he'll also offer the platinum plates you can sell for some big money. And since you'll get virtue for everything you do, even the things listed on this very list. You can, even when coming out equal while gambling, still profit from it.


Now this involves a little bit of luck, some skill, and a lot of grinding. But at least you can also use the various minigames attached to gambling to complete your list of challenges and achievements. So it is a win-win no matter what. Just know when you cut your losses.

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There is chicken racing, mahjong, and the various card games you'll find in the gambling den. First, you need to invest some capital into sticks. 1 Ryo will get you 100 sticks, the currency used to participate in gambling. You probably don't want to start with mahjong and you need some series capital to start playing.

If you want to be cheap, you can just savescum your way through the chicken racing by betting on the right winning combinations of chickens until you hit the jackpot. But if you don't want to go insane, try the card games in the gambling den in Rakugai.

Once you've grinded your heart out, you can exchange the sticks you've earned at the game gambling den in Rakugai for Gold or Platinum Plates and sell them at any pawnshop.


At a certain point in the story, you'll unlock the ‘Another Life' side activity of the game, which has you rebuild and tend to a small farm. This is a great way to grind virtue in the long run, but at first, you'll have to get it going by spending that virtue.

Once you've started expanding the farm, you can sell products with the trade requests, but you can also sell them to some of the merchants. The ‘Another Life' trade requests are another great way to make some money off various other mini-games, as well as the fish you're probably fishing for.

It's certainly not the fastest way to make money unless you have access to fertilizer later on, which will turn farming into a money-printing machine.

Bounty Hunting

On the top floor of Mukurogai, the half-collapsed temple, there is a group of men with masks. At some point, they'll attack you after walking by them a few times. This will gen unlock the bounty-hunting tasks.

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You'll be assigned a target somewhere in town, have to beat them up and you can come back to collect your rewards. These rewards will vary from 1 to 15 Ryo per target, but they are relatively easy and you can complete them while questing around town.

Generally, many of Ishin's tasks are built in a way that you can always knock something off your neverending to-do list when running across town.

Dungeon Clears

Once you've gotten further into the game, you'll be assigned as the leader of the third division of the Shinsengumi. This will then allow you to go on missions that'll reward you with money, crafting materials, and items.

There are generally worth doing just for the EXP alone, as you can use this to turn your squads into killing machines.

Sell your Materials

This might sound a little weird, especially when you really, really want to upgrade your equipment. But if you're short on cash, there is no shame in waltzing into a pawnshop to sell off crafting materials. Especially the more common ones rack up quickly and you can always buy them off the merchant at the blacksmith.

Finish the Story

As is customary for a Like a Dragon title, finishing the story rewards you with a nice pile of cash. This time it's 200 Ryo which is enough to buy you some of the final upgrades, but if you're going for completion is only some start capital.

This is why you should only really get into gambling and finishing the mahjong challenges after finishing the story. But be responsible; careless gambling often leaves a samurai with empty pockets.

And these are our 7 ways to make money in Like a Dragon: Ishin! If you want to stay up to date with the latest in gaming and esports, visit us here on ESTNN

7 Ways to make Money in Like a Dragon: Ishin!
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