MAD Lions vs WeiboGaming Recap Worlds 2023 Swiss Stage Day 6

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MAD Lions vs WeiboGaming Recap Worlds 2023 Swiss Stage Day 6

MAD Lions vs WeiboGaming Recap Worlds 2023 Swiss Stage Day 6.

Another EU side was up next, and after FNC's heroic victory against C9 before them, could MAD Lions make it 2-0 for EU on Day 6. As for Weibo, they already dropped a Bo1 to an EU side in G2 already this Worlds, so the pressure is on them to bring out a huge win in this latest BO3. For MAD, they've struggled against better sides, and haven't actually played and non-Western sides yet at Worlds. Beating EU side BDS, but losing to both C9 and NRG from NA.

MAD Lions vs WeiboGaming Recap Game 1

MAD vs wbg game 1

First blood over to WBG, picking up two kills into the bottom side dive, MAD got a kill back but WBG had an early 1k lead. WBG continued to win on the bot side, as the MAD bot lane were stuck under their own tower. MAD finally made a good play, with a lovely Ash Arrow landing on Xiaohu, though he escaped, they did manage to catch Weiwei. MAD did manage to take down the WBG mid lane a few moments later. Despite the early dominance from WBG, MAD actually found themselves in a good place, despite the 2k gold deficit.

WBG looked to claim the Rift Herald, they claimed it, but MAD continued the fight after the fact. WBG went blow-for-blow, and they took a huge win, knocking down four members of WBG for no deaths in return. That fight put MAD into their first gold lead of the series. The next fight was at the Drake, and while MAD took the Drake, they handed over two kills to WBG as a result. The Baron fight is forced by WBG, and without a jungler on the side of MAD, WBG are able to claim it but lost two members of the back side of the fight.

WBG forced a chase onto Nisqy on the top side, but while they did MAD opened up their base as WBG failed to make big use out of the Baron. This time, WBG found a fight, and they won it this time. At 28 minutes, WBG found a way to take down four members of MAD before claiming the Drake to stop MAD's Soul Drake attempt. Baron is the call from both sides, with MAD able to take down the jungler of WBG. But, once again Hylissang is caught out, and WBG used that to spring the attack and charge down the MAD mid lane. MAD tried to defend, but the first game in the series went to WBG, who eventually closed it out.

Quick Stats:

Teams: MAD vs WBG
Time: 32:09
Kills: 15-19
Turrets: 5-7
Gold: 54k – 60k
Dragons: 3-2
Barons: 0-1


MAD Lions vs WeiboGaming Recap Game 2

MAD Lions vs WeiboGaming Recap Worlds 2023 Swiss Stage Day 6

A huge 3vs3 fight in the bot lane, saw two kills go over to each side, though it was WBG that secured the first blood. The bot lane again was the place where WBG found big wins, claiming a kill onto Carzzy, while Hyli once again handed over a free kill by sticking around his tower while he was too low. With 13 minutes on the clock, WBG had found a small 5oog lead, as MAD stayed closer to them in this second game in the series. WBG continued to extend their lead, as MAD get pushed in.

The Rift Herald was secured next by WBG, as MAD dropped two members for nothing in return. The Rift was instantly dropped on the top tower as WBG exploded into a 4k lead. MAD were able to stop the WBG Soul Point Drake, but at the cost of three members of MAD, as WBG moved towards Baron. With Baron, WBG charged into the MAD base, and while they knocked down two, they lost TheShy and instead decided to pull away from the engagement. While MAD made a huge steal to take away the Soul Point Drake, it cost MAD two members as WBG pushed into the base once again.

Baron is back up once more, but MAD doesn't even try to contest and WBG melt down the objective. MAD forced a play in their final defence, but WBG had too much, and that was series over for MAD. The defeat sends MAD home, while WBG live to fight another day.

Quick Stats:

Teams: MAD vs WBG
Time: 28:53
Kills: 5-19
Turrets: 2-11
Gold: 45.4k – 57.9k
Dragons: 2-2
Barons: 0-2

MAD Lions vs WeiboGaming Recap Game 3


Quick Stats:

MAD Lions vs WeiboGaming Recap Worlds 2023 Swiss Stage Day 6
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