C9 vs Fnatic Recap Worlds 2023 Swiss Stage Day 6

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C9 vs Fnatic Recap Worlds 2023 Swiss Stage Day 6

C9 vs Fnatic Recap Worlds 2023 Swiss Stage Day 6.

It's a big matchup between NA and EU, but this time, it comes with the added draw of sending the loser home. With both sides sitting at 1-2, the winner isn't even guaranteed a spot at the next stage of Worlds. Both sides are probably quietly happy that they've drawn each other, so it's sure to be another NA vs EU classic.

C9 vs Fnatic Recap Game 1

C9 vs FNC G1

A big first blood was secured by C9, who constantly applied pressure onto the FNC top side and it paid off. Razork came top to match up, and ended up trading over another kill, though FNC did secure one back. Fudge once again picked up a kill on the top side, bringing his, and C9's early kills up to 3. Fudge continued to push ahead in the top lane with the help of his Jungler, as C9 ripped FNC open in the early stages. A fight in the mid lane shortly after was a chance for FNC to make a play, and without Fudge, FNC were able to knock down two members of C9. The first 3vs3 in the top side went exactly as C9 would expect, with FNC having no way to deal with Fudge he roasted them, moving himself to 7 kills.

The first full-team fight took place at the Drake, and while FNC took the Drake, C9 picked up an ace with just 19 minutes on the clock. With 8k gold separating the two teams. C9 secured the Baron, and it looked like FNC might be best to FF and play for Game 2. With FNC pinned inside their base, C9 were able to siege without Baron buff. Despite being so far behind, Razork made a huge moment in the game as he was able to steal away the Baron buff. With FNC's early pressure on the Drakes, it could be the delay that FNC needed. C9 starting to let the cracks slip, giving over a free kill to FNC, likely over-forcing when they were so far ahead.

We got our first big team fight this late in the game, and C9 did finally look to have found a way to do something. They took down three members of FNC, and turned to force the Baron to end. FNC decided to leave them to it and head for Soul Point Drake. Despite Baron, Fudge made a huge mistake, almost costing him his life, but his return to base completely killed C9's attack as the Baron was wasted. For NA fans, however, C9 did finally get the team fight they needed, and their blushes were spared.

Quick Stats:

Teams: C9 vs FNC
Time: 40:15
Kills: 25-7
Turrets: 7-1
Gold: 80.4k – 69.6k
Dragons: 2-3
Barons: 2-1

Fnatic vs C9 Recap Game 2

C9 vs Fnatic Recap Worlds 2023 Swiss Stage Day 6

C9 both made game 1 look comfortable, and uncomfortable in equal measure. Game 2 is set up to be another classic as FNC fight for their lives. Game 2 started with a FNC first blood, and despite it looking good for a counter kill C9 were not able to get it. C9 managed to get back with a big solo kill in the mid lane for Emenes. C9 made another play on the top side, but it meant that FNC were handed over the Rift Herald without though the gold was even. C9 forced a play in mid, but again it was FNC that came away with the kill as they reinforced their numbers quicker. Both sides continued to trade kills across the Rift, as once more the gold is still even.

A huge 5vs5 fight in the top lane, and while FNC looked in a tricky spot, they did managed to claim a 4-for-0 over the extended fight. C9 forced a Baron, but FNC came into the pit and C9 were left without a Baron, and losing four kills as a result. In the end, they just handed FNC the Baron on a silver platter. A huge 5vs5 fight in the top lane, and while C9 forced the engagement they couldn't take down enough members of FNC to stop the push. FNC claimed Game 2, and as we head into the final game it's all to play for.

Quick Stats:

Teams: FNC vs C9
Time: 27:40
Kills: 20-10
Turrets: 7-4
Gold: 58.3k – 49.8k
Dragons: 3-1
Barons: 1-0

C9 vs Fnatic Recap Game 2

C9 vs Fnatic Recap Worlds 2023 Swiss Stage Day 6

First blood secured for C9, as the important top lane fight, went the way of C9. C9 continued to move ahead in the game, picking up a Herald while moving to 1.5k ahead. With the second Drake on the map, FNC pulled the trigger on the engagement and picked up two kills and a free Drake, closing the gold gap even once more. FNC looked for the pick on the top side, but the play took too long to execute and they ended up throwing three kills over to C9. With 16 minutes on the clock, Soul Point Drake was about to spawn as C9 had once again secured a small gold lead for themselves.

FNC managed to claim the Soul Point Drake, and while C9 claimed the early kills, it was FNC that came out ahead. FNC flipped the game on its head, and it was all thanks to Noah, who slick footwork caused C9 so many problems as they couldn't shut him down. With Baron on the map now, FNC pushed for it, and with Fudge not having TP up he had to walk the length of the map to get involved. C9, however, won the fight, taking down three members of FNC, though they did claim the Baron. With the Soul Drake spawning, FNC managed to claim it, and with C9 in a terrible position, they knocked down three members as C9 retreated to lick their wounds.

The Baron is picked up for free for FNC, who then push into the C9 top lane. While C9 traded the first fight 1-for-1, then gave over two more kills for free as FNC charged into the base. FNC broke open the C9 base, and all the while Zven waiting near the Elder for a play that just never happened. FNC eventually did claim the Elder but by then Zven had backed and it looked all over. Though, with Elder against them C9 almost held off but FNC just had too much in the end.

The defeat sends C9 home, while FNC progress to the final 2-2 matchup.

Quick Stats:

Teams: C9 vs FNC
Time: 32:15
Kills: 17-25
Turrets: 4-10
Gold: 58.9k – 67.4k
Dragons: 0-5
Barons: 0-2
C9 vs Fnatic Recap Worlds 2023 Swiss Stage Day 6
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