LunarCon 2022: FF XIV’s Player Organized Fan Convention

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LunarCon 2022: FF XIV’s Player Organized Fan Convention

LunarCon is holding its second outing this weekend in Final Fantasy XIV, here you'll learn all about this player-created convention and how you can participate.


LunarCon was first conceptualized by twitch streamer, Crystal menace and overall good bean Shenpai and her friends in 2021 to celebrate the end of Final Fantasy XIV's Shadowbringers expansions lifecycle and to celebrate the recent announcement of the Endwalker expansion.

While it's not like Final Fantasy XIV or the Crystal Datacenter have any shortage of player events on any given weekend. LunarCon was very different. After everyone had been cooped up for the better part of almost two years and Square Enix themselves had canceled all of their yearly Final Fantasy XIV convention, LunarCon was here to fill the gap.

So you would expect that this was just another player event, with some prizes to win and the usual antics. But no! LunarCon was and is a real digital convention, just in the space of Final Fantasy XIV. Including an artist alley hosted on their discord server, live performances by in-game bands, routines by some various dance troupes and theatre groups and live panels by content creators and community leaders. Also, a full-scale PvP tournament that will be hosted and commentated live on twitch, several contests ranging from Cosplay to Machinimas and much more.

The event itself will be hosted on the Brynhildr server on the North American Crystal Datacenter. And with the recently introduced cross Datacenter travel system, players from all the North American region will be able to participate in the event. In case you want to visit from another Datacenter, you'll have to create a character on one of the NA servers and travel to Brynhildr. Then you are recommended to progress to a point where you unlock access to the housing district.

How to Participate

If you want to be in the know when and what is going on, just visit the LunarCon website for information on the schedule, as well as links to the numerous live streams. Here you'll also find a link to the official discord for further information.

LunarCon will take place from Friday, July 29 all the way till Sunday, July 31. Doors will open July 29 around 1:00 PM EST in the Brynhildr Lavender Beds, Ward 23 – Plot 36. For more information on their schedule, visit their website here.

Last year had been a massive success, so much that it filled up entire housing districts and buildings. And RubberRoss ate a lot of eggs and it was great. If you want to be part of the event but aren't on the Crystal Datacenter, we highly suggest you travel over before Friday because the event will probably influence the availability of the Datacenter travel feature. Please take note that his event is entirely organized by players of Final Fantasy XIV and by no means associated with Square Enix. Which makes this Event even more amazing, come to think of it.

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LunarCon 2022: FF XIV’s Player Organized Fan Convention
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