Luke Skywalker Is Coming To Fortnite

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Luke Skywalker Is Coming To Fortnite

Luke Skywalker is coming to Fortnite. Don't believe me? I find your lack of faith disturbing.

Summer 2022 saw one of the most iconic villains of all time, Darth Vader, enter the realm of Fortnite.

And even as we were enjoying the release of Anakin Skywalker gone evil, there was already noise about his son. 

Data miners are the sung/unsung heroes of video games, and some Fortnite data miners have discovered Star Wars challenges for this season. These challenges will be giving out 30K XP each. It wouldn't make sense to have Star Wars challenges this season unless something else Star Wars-related was coming. Further data mining discovered two new lightsabers tied to Luke Skywalker; one from A New Hope and one from Return of the Jedi. 

Many speculated that a man in a background bacta tank in this season's cinematic trailer is, in fact, Luke Skywalker and Epic Games' subtle way of teasing his release. It doesn't look like he will be a Battle Pass exclusive like his father, though. 

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There has yet to be any confirmation what cosmetic appearance Master Skywalker will take in his Fortnite debut, though my bet is on the Return of the Jedi look. 

However, the data mines of Luke's lightsaber from A New Hope give me hope that moisture farmer or pilot Luke skins will appear. His Hoth outfit from The Empire Strikes Back or his hooded robes from the end of The Mandolorian season 2 would also be great. 

Whatever Epic Games brings us, I'll be happy to get my hands on it.

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Star Wars is a longstanding collaborator of Fortnite, and these collaborations always do very well. The best part is Epic Games has only scratched the surface. 

There are still many fan-favorite Star Wars characters Epic Games could bring to Fortnite. Darth Vader is awesome, but I think Revenge of the Sith Anakin Skywalker is one of the coolest-looking guys in any entertainment medium ever. Mace Windu is a must, as only having his lightsaber during lightsaber events isn't enough. 

Let's not forget the other Skywalker kid, Leia Organa, her lover Han Solo, his close friend Lando Calrissian, or his best friend, Chewbacca. And if we can't get a live-action Admiral Thrawn movie saga, then we can at least get an Admiral Thrawn Fortnite skin. 

I can easily see Epic Games doing a Darth Sidious collaboration event (Palpatine's broadcast doesn't count), though the fast-moving Force Lightning-wielding Sith Lord would be a nightmare to fight. And what better way to face such a nightmare than with a man who beat him, aka Starkiller (Can Epic Games even make that happen?). 

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But really, I'm just waiting for them to break the game by releasing a Darth Revan skin. Epic Games, pretty please?


Luke Skywalker Is Coming To Fortnite
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