Loserfruit Joins Lachlan’s PWR Esports Org

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Loserfruit Joins Lachlan’s PWR Esports Org

Loserfruit becomes a member of Lachlan’s PWR esports organization.

Content creator Kathleen “Loserfruit” Belsten has joined Team PWR. The 28-year-old Australian announced her decision yesterday. Since 2013, Belsten has been a premiere streamer and Internet personality. While she is most known for her work in Fortnite Battle Royale, the Australian has become more of a variety streamer of late.

A veteran content creator both on Twitch and YouTube — it was only a matter of time before she found an organization to represent. Belsten decided to sign with the Australia-based esports organization PWR. Created by fellow content creator Lachlan “Lachlan” Power, his brand has multiple personalities and professional Fortnite players on the team.

Now, Loserfruit can call herself a member of perhaps Australia’s most promising esports organization.

PWR Loserfruit

PWR’s official Twitter account announced its latest signing yesterday. It included a YouTube video centered around Loserfruit, who explained her origin story in streaming and her journey through Fortnite. She spoke to her monumental achievement of becoming part of Fortnite’s ICON Series — which honors celebrities and gaming icons alike.

She and Lachlan are both members of the ICON Series, joining respectively in June and November of 2020. Belsten eclipsed 1M subscribers in 2018 and possesses 2.6M followers on her Twitch channel.

Lachlan commented on the signing via Twitter, stating, “I have known Kath since 2017 and to see her grow into one of the world’s leading gamers has been inspiring.  I’m thrilled to have her join PWR.  Welcome, our new Icon.”

It’s an exciting moment for Belsten and her loyal following. Lachlan’s PWR organization is one of the fastest-growing in the gaming space. They have surpassed 800K subscribers on YouTube in just over a year, and Lachlan himself has 14.7M subscribers. It’ll be interesting to see what Loserfruit x PWR provides in the future in terms of content.

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