Lords of the Fallen: New Video Shows Us Exploration And a New Boss Fight

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Lords of the Fallen: New Video Shows Us Exploration And a New Boss Fight

GameSpot USA colleagues have released a new 14-minute video for Lords of the Fallen, the soulslike arriving on October 13 on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S. Over the last few times many videos and interviews have been coming out that allow us to have a clearer vision of what the game will be like, as we could see in the video where the magic system was presented, an addition that will certainly be very interesting. Here, however, we have the opportunity to find out a few more details about the exploration, as well as to witness a new boss fight.

Lords of the Fallen exploration

As already mentioned, most of the video focuses on us discovering what the exploration of the game is all about. In fact, we can see the character busy exploring the Fitzroy Gorge area and confronting a myriad of enemies. As you can see in the video attached at the bottom of the news, the character uses various weapons to get the better of them, such as a bow and arrows, a saber with a shield, and even magic (which we talked about in more detail in this article). In short, these are clues that allow us to understand that the game will be very diverse and that it has been designed to be as inclusive as possible in terms of how to play so that anyone can find this journey into the realms of Axiom and Umbral.

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The last few minutes of the video, however, focus on showing us what is a boss fight, which has not yet been shown in any visual material so far. The battle takes place on a bridge, against a large warrior armed with an ax and a shield. Also, as we can see, his main powers are related to fire, so it is likely that he is one of the enemies who has resistances to our fire spells, as explained by the developers themselves.

In the video, unfortunately, we are not shown the conclusion of the battle, perhaps not to divulge too many details, but we can see how, when the character is defeated, it rises again. It is, in fact, one of the peculiarities of Lords of the Fallen. The game is divided into two realms, one of light and one of shadow, and when you lose your life during a boss fight, you can be reborn in the other realm to continue the battle. Obviously, this is a game mechanic that can only be used once: a second KO will send you directly back to the nearest checkpoint, as in all classics of the genre.

Lords of the Fallen: New Video Shows Us Exploration And a New Boss Fight
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