Lords of the Fallen Magic Explained

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Lords of the Fallen Magic Explained
Thanks to a video published by colleagues at IGN, we were able to learn a few more details about the Lords of the Fallen magic, an aspect that seems to be of great importance for the game and its gameplay. In a game like Lords of the Fallen, knowing the things that make it up and what to do to unlock certain things is of the utmost importance. For this reason, we have decided to create this article where you can get a first taste of how the magic system works in Lords of the Fallen.

How does magic work in Lords of the Fallen?

As we have learned from the video that you will find at the end of this article, in Lords of the Fallen there are three different schools of magic. Each of these schools is linked to one of the three Gods present in the game, namely the God of Chaos to whom Rogar magic is linked, the God Aureus to whom Radiant magic is linked, and, finally, the Goddess who rules the Umbral Realm to which the Umbral magic is linked.

Of course, each school of magic has its own unique catalyst that you'll need to equip, but you'll also have the option to choose to specialize in one of the spells in particular. As you can well understand, the choice you make will impact your character's stats and, consequently, also the build you intend to build. Because of this, you need to keep two stats in mind when it comes to magic: Infernal, in case you want to specialize in using Roggar magic; Radiance, if instead you want to specialize in the use of Radiant magic. Finally, as regards the Umbral spell, it has the possibility of scales with both stats, so it will be up to you to choose whether to bet more on one rather than the other, or to bet equally on both to have a hybrid build.

As for the spells, as you have probably already guessed, those concerning the Rogar magic have a focus on creating great explosive damage with fireballs that do a lot of aerial damage, flamethrowers that inflict damage over time, a meteor shower, and also the ability to summon fire dogs that will be our faithful companions during battles.

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Spells related to Radiant magic, on the other hand, focus more on buffs and the possibility of healing, but that does not mean that they are not able to deal damage. Indeed, this spell has in its arsenal a lightning blot projectile, a short-lived lightning lance laser beam style of spell, and a lightning orb.

Finally, regarding the Umbral spell, it seems that the spells are slower than those of the other two spells, but there are still several spells available. Among them is a spell that allows you to throw a series of bombs that explode at close range from your character, as well as a time bomb that flies away from your character and then explodes and deals massive damage to enemies.

Obviously, these are just some of the spells that will be present in Lords of the Fallen, in fact, the developers of Lords of the Fallen have ensured that they have created a very deep spell system and players will have many spells at their disposal to use to defeat their opponents. In fact, every spell that is used against you can also be learned in a variant by you, so that you can use it in combat.

However, creating a magic system is never easy. The developers must be able to find the right balance, so as not to make it too powerful (which would penalize the other game mechanics related to the combat system) but not too weak (otherwise players are not encouraged to spend points in magic-related statistics). Because of this, the developers had to work hard to find the right contact point between these two ends.

One of the tricks adopted by HexWorks is to have made some enemies resistant to spells rather than others. For example, there will be enemies in the game that will have natural resistances to Rogar magic, so using this magic excessively is a useless technique and you will therefore have to find other ways to get the better of them. On the other hand, once you have succeeded in this mission, you will be able to find enemies who will instead be vulnerable to this spell and therefore you can use it to eliminate them. In short, the whole game will be based on this duality and you will have to choose the right place and enemies to show off your magical skills.

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These we have told you about are the three main spells in Lords of the Fallen, but there will also be the possibility of learning secondary spells that you can use by finding certain objects in the game world. These items can be thrown or applied to your weapons and they too will have their strengths and weaknesses, as well as being able to be used with enemies rather than others. As a result, the developers have decided to give players the opportunity to experiment as much as possible with this game mechanic, just to make it suitable for every type of player.


Lords of the Fallen Magic Explained
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