Lords of the Fallen Enemies You’ll Face in Your Adventure

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Lords of the Fallen Enemies You’ll Face in Your Adventure

Enemies are an important aspect of any game, but in games like Lords of the Fallen, they are even more important. For this reason, thanks to what was disclosed by IGN, we have compiled a list of the Lords of the Fallen enemies that players will encounter as they venture into the dangerous places of the game world. Also, when you will need to fight these enemies, you could find useful some combat tips that the developers have revealed.


The majority of pilgrims' next move, if they are successful in their quest to join the Hallowed Sentinels, is to become laymen of the order. They are properly armored, use a mace in combat, and, most significantly, are granted a holy insignia to sew onto their battle gear, even though they have yet to fully demonstrate their abilities and be awarded additional Radiant power. Cannon fodder serving as the vanguard is the Hallowed Sentinels' primary melee weapon.

lords of the fallen awowed


The Hallowed Sentinels view the wretches, who are actually pilgrims, as sinful; their faces are now concealed by metal masks that are turned upside down, and chains hang from their limbs. They are currently undesired and unworthy of the monastic fold, as shown by the mask. The majority of them are innocent and pleading for mercy. Some of them are quite eager for a heroic death by the sword as atonement for their misdeeds.

lords of the fallen penitent

Ardent Penitent

They use crossbows and provide particularly effective support to the tenacious melee champions of the Order. They are Avowed who are more alert and have steadier hands. Although they may be effective, their headdress and attire give away the Order's contempt for their cowardly methods.

lords of the fallen ardent penitent


Some of these travelers were permitted to enter the sacred grounds of the Hallowed Sentinels, where they may receive instruction and make the sacrifices required to become avowed brothers or sisters. Even those who are deemed worthy enough to attempt membership in the order are nevertheless considered bottom feeders because they are in possession of a staff that contains a fragment of Radiant power.

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lords of the fallen pilgrim

Corrupted Penitent

Pilgrims who landed in Mournstead but were sent away from or failed the trials of the Hallowed Sentinels. In order to demonstrate their devotion and fortitude, these wretches carry large wooden crosses on their journey to Mournstead. These wretches are now hiding in the darkness, gaunt humanoids clutching their crosses obsessively. They are still holding onto their Hallowed Sentinel crosses.

lords of the fallen corrupted penitent

Corrupted Pilgrim

A different kind of Pilgrim, one who is covered. They are human wretches who have been severely corrupted by the Rhogar corruption, with their guts hanging out of their mouths. Deformities aside, they are now filled with Rhogar power and are able to summon explosive guts to toss at the player. They carry a staff and a bell and function as a basic ranged unit. Another significant symbol of the Hallowed Sentinel is the bell, which sounds at each step so that Orius can hear about their suffering.

lords of the fallen corrupted pilgrim


Avowed with better eyesight and hand steadiness, they use crossbows and provide the tenacious melee champions of the Order with particularly efficient support. Their headdress and attire give away the Order's disgust for their cowardly methods, however effective they may be.

lords of the fallen marksman


Honored Sentinels who were taken prisoner by the Rhogar and subjected to unfathomable torment, including being skinned, having nails driven into their flesh, and being driven insane, before being pitted against their former allies. They have mocking symbols of the Hallowed Sentinels sewed onto their backs, and they are also infused with Rhogar fire, making them powerful, mindless berserkers. It's wise to stay away from a melee-range hybrid early on.

lords of the fallen proselyte


Brother Bulwark is an ordinary knight in the order. They use shields that they endow with radiant force to shield members of their fold. They guide and train the devotees and pilgrims, who adore them and long to soon be able to put on their armor and accouterments. The goal of this defensive archetype, which is typically supported by ranged units, is to restrict the player's movement.

lords of the fallen pureblade

Radiant Hound

Hounds are used both to search for game and escaped heretics in the wetlands by the Hallowed Sentinels and to combat Rhogar. These specific hounds are seasoned bloodletters covered in sanctified armor; they are four-legged battering rams, and light blows bounce off their headdresses, giving them impenetrable resistance. They can be easily stopped when they lunge, though, with a quick parry, and a charged heavy strike can rip through their skull armor.

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lords of the fallen radiant hound

Raw Mangler

Rotten, corrupted humans that have undergone the Rhogar thrall transformation can be seen roaming the desolate ruins of Mournstead while brandishing two axes. Their distorted bodies and minds include enlarged bones, projecting horns, fractured rib cages, pustules, and tumors, as well as other flesh-corrupting conditions. They are vicious and ruthless, butchering and killing everyone they come across despite their state.

lords of the fallen raw mangler


These zombies with no faces and little energy are known as Umbral zombies. These beings are the dried-out, soulless embodiments of the many dead who have been caught in the Umbral web. They are mindless creatures that seem to never stop, eager to feed on the life force of the living. Even though they are unarmed and slow, these Remnants can and will overwhelm the player if they are ignored. All Umbral adversaries are representations of unmet mortal needs and desires.

lords of the fallen remnant

Shrouded Remnant

They are the ranged unit version of the Remnant described above; they are shrouded in burial shrouds and fire vigor-seeking ectoplasmic bullets that sap the player's HP. The player always runs the chance of being hit by ordinary Remnants at the same time, and the Shrouded Remnant maintains distance throughout combat, therefore their combat involvement is rather significant. Even though their damage is merely withering in nature, it is nevertheless significant.

lords of the fallen shrouded remnant

Womb of Despair

An egg-laying female Umbral, resembling a moth, that flies through the air and gives birth to Remnants. Miscarriage, infanticide, and unfulfilled motherhood are manifestations of each other. Even though she is not particularly aggressive, she is incredibly resistant to damage and always disengages to entice the player deeper into her home, where they will be encircled by Remnants. She wields powerful spells with wide areas of impact, a repulsive withering spit, and a grip that moves the player to her back.

lords of the fallen womb od despair

Lords of the Fallen Enemies You’ll Face in Your Adventure
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