Lords of the Fallen Combat Tips From Devs

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Lords of the Fallen Combat Tips From Devs

The launch of Lords of the Fallen on the market is getting closer. As we get closer to the release date, the developers are releasing more and more details about the game. You will surely remember the last words said by the developers regarding the fact that the game tries to innovate the soulslike genre, for example. But the news didn't end there. HexWorks wanted to draw up a list of 8 Lords of the Fallen combat tips to follow in order to make life a little easier for all those who decide to start their adventure in the realms of Axiom and Umbral.

Make sure you lock on

This might seem like basic advice for anyone who is used to playing this genre of games, but the developers have stressed that it is of the utmost importance that players lock on their opponents. In this way, not only will they be able to have a clearer view of the position of the enemies, but they will also be able to be sure that their attacks (both with weapons and with spells) are successful, which is very important in a game like Lords of the Fallen where even one hit can mean the difference between life and death.

Use your unique attacks

In Lords of the Fallen players also have unique attacks available to use in the course of their fights, in addition to the use of light and heavy blows. One of these special attacks can be used directly after dodging, which is very useful for hitting an enemy after dodging a previous attack. This attack can be used with different outcomes based on the weapon being used or the class that was previously selected.

Also, using a two-handed sword can prove to be a good choice in case you are fighting against only one enemy. Finally, another special attack that you absolutely must have in mind is the sprint attack. This attack allows you to close the distance between you and your opponent, in order to start the fight with a powerful attack that guarantees you to keep your momentum.

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The last thing to keep in mind is that this type of attack will cost you a considerable amount of stamina, so you won't be able to make excessive use of it. For this reason, you'll have to balance things well and find the right moment and place to land one of the unique shots at your disposal to inflict a greater amount of damage on your opponents.

Lords of the Fallen Combat Tips From Devs
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