London Spitfire vs Vegas Eternal Preview and Predictions – Overwatch 2 Pro-Am

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London Spitfire vs Vegas Eternal Preview and Predictions – Overwatch 2 Pro-Am

The Overwatch 2 League PRO-AM West Week 1 has some pretty fun matches ahead of us. We can watch several intriguing fights in the next couple of weeks, and one of them is London Spitfire vs Vegas Eternal.

This London Spitfire vs Vegas Eternal prediction will go over some of the things you should know about each team. Whether you want to test some of the hottest Overwatch 2 betting sites or simply want to watch the match for fun, you’ll learn more about some of the things we expect to happen. 

London Spitfire

When it comes down to some of the best Overwatch 2 League Teams, most people think of London Spitfire. However, if we look at the 2022 Regular Season standings, e can see that the team is not performing as well as expected.

At the time of writing, London Spitfire has 14 victories and 10 losses, meaning they’re 6th. With that said, there are still a few more games left, so we can see an improvement in the squad’s results.

Vegas Eternal

Once you read this London Spitfire vs Vegas Eternal prediction, you will see that the latter are not in good form. In fact, a quick look at the current standings shows that Vegas Eternals are last in the West. The squad only has one victory and 23 losses.

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London Spitfire vs Vegas Eternal Overwatch 2 Predictions 

There is no arguing that Overwatch 2 is not as popular as other eSports when it comes down to betting. However, you can find several top platforms offering different markets and good odds. Furthermore, many people watch the best players in the world for fun, so here are a couple of things to keep in mind.

Match Winner

If we compare the most recent stats and results of both teams, it probably doesn’t come as a surprise that London Spitfire is the big favorite. In fact, some of the top sites for betting on Overwatch 2 will offer low odds for this team. On the other hand, the odds for their opponents will be much higher.

Most Kills in The Game

There are a couple of players that can compete for the most kills in this Overwatch 2 match. However, we think that the title will go to Backbone. If we look at his stats for the Overwatch 2 2022 Season, we can see he played a lot of Genji and Sombra. The latter is not the best hero right now, but Genji is pretty hot, so he can make a difference.

Most Deaths

When it comes down to the most deaths in the match between London Spitfire and Vegas Eternal, Lukemino or Rakattack might be the two players that will take this “crown”. Both are the team’s support players and considering their most recent performance, we expect them to have more deaths than their counterparts.

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Map 1 Winner

In rare cases, Overwatch 2 bettors may have the chance to punt on the results from different maps. Considering that LS won’t have any problems winning this match, we think the team will also win the first map. 

Additional things to keep in mind

Sometimes, websites can allow people who bet on the Overwatch 2 League 2023 to choose from other kinds of options, such as which heroes will teams focus on. Although the odds might be higher, predicting those kinds of bets is easier said than done. Hence, it is only advisable to punt on them if you have the needed experience.

Make sure to watch the event as it unfolds because there might be specific markets that will only be available when it’s live.

London Spitfire vs Vegas Eternal Preview and Predictions – Overwatch 2 Pro-Am
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