LoL: Vex ,The Gloomy Mage – First Impressions

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LoL: Vex ,The Gloomy Mage – First Impressions

The Gloomy Mage arrives in style to spread sadness.

League of Legends just released a long-awaited champion trailer for the Gloomy Mage, Vex. Teased back in June 2020, she is the newest addition to the ever-growing arsenal of champions and she is quite melodramatic. The dark Yordle was a part of the earlier Sentinels of Light event, where she fought beside Viego. Now, she is finally ready to make her way onto Summoner’s Rift.

Wielding her dark magic, Vex features a ton of unique abilities in her kit and she seems to have quite a bit of burst coupled with crowd control abilities. In the trailer, she seems to be using one of her abilities to burst down enemies using her shadow and dark magic. From it, her shadow looks like it will play a key role in her abilities. Thus, the shadow animations are pretty nice to look at in the game.

Some of her other abilities also were featured in the trailer. So far, it appears that Vex will have AOE crowd control, a magic shield for herself, the ability to mark enemies with her shadow and more. One of the most exciting things in the trailer has to be the end part, where she uses her shadow to throw a skill shot, and when it hits an enemy, Vex leaps to her target. She used the ability twice in a dragon fight and it followed Tristana’s jump ability as well. This ability has the potential to be a solid assassination option in team fights and could be framed as her ultimate as well.

It should be quite fun to see Vex bringing chaos into LoL. She'll certainly be an interesting match-up for the existing mid-lane picks in the game.

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