LoL: UNF0RGIVEN: “I can see MAD Lions winning LEC again.”

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LoL: UNF0RGIVEN: “I can see MAD Lions winning LEC again.”

UNF0RGIVEN, MAD Lions’ rookie ADC has confidence and the performances to back it up.

ESTNN's Bence “Atreus” Loksa chats with William “UNF0RGIVEN” Nieminen after MAD's victory over Excel Esports; one of the best rookies of the current European scene and a great candidate for this Springs Rookie of the Split award, about his new team, his expectations and his plans for the upcoming weeks.

A good dynamic

So, about the Varus pick, was that your idea or was that a team idea? Because Varus has not been in the meta for a while.

UNF0RGIVEN: Honestly, I don’t remember. We decided to test it in scrims and it worked out pretty well. After they banned all the good champions Varus was one that was open, and we liked it for the game and we just went for it. We had success with the champion as well.

Addressing the elephant that just left the room — what do you think about Chemtech Dragon being removed?

UNF0RGIVEN: I mean, that was a good change. I hated that Soul, it was really boring, and the map was like kinda cringe to play against. I’m happy.

Are things feeling settled with your new team? How's the dynamic between you guys?

UNF0RGIVEN: I think it’s good between us and I’m doing good. But I want to do way better, I’ve been working to become better and better every day.

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Here at ESTNN, we think you’re one of the best rookies of this split; and we have a number of new players in the LEC this year. But when the team lost against Rogue and SK Gaming, you personally had a really dominant showing. You were the best in your team. Do you think that you can win Rookie of the Split? 

UNF0RGIVEN: I mean, if I keep playing like I am, I think I can. Because even if we lose I’m still performing pretty well and I’m not making many mistakes, and I play a lot of champions on top of that.

Yeah, your first match you played Karthus, and personally I was really surprised. But he’s a great character for you.

UNF0RGIVEN: I mean I just like the champion. I used to play him a lot in solo queue and I played a bit in the ERL’s as well. I had quite some bans on me.

The MAD Lions LEC team and coaches celebrate victory and hoist the LEC trophy together.

Can MAD Lions win the trophy on European soil?

Do you feel any pressure by playing with two-time LEC Champions?

UNF0RGIVEN: No, I don’t feel any pressure. I also don’t want to put pressure on myself because that would just make me play worse, so I try not to think about it. The way I see it is that I’m on the team for a reason, they think I am good. I shouldn’t pressure myself because they are the ones to decide. So I don’t feel to pressured.

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Do you think you can help your team defend their title — and also get an LEC trophy in your rookie split, which would honestly be quite an accomplishment?

UNF0RGIVEN: Maybe. Fnatic looks really scary and Rogue looks very strong as well, and Team Vitality’s roster looks great as well if they play good, so there’s a lot of good teams, but I can see MAD Lions winning LEC again. And I will make sure to keep the LEC title.

Are you thinking of any special strategies for the rematch against Rogue?

UNF0RGIVEN: I don’t think we did yet because we won’t face them for a long time.

Any secret strategies, like your Karthus botlane, which are uncommon in the LEC that you can share?

UNF0RGIVEN: I don’t think I have anything like that, it’s just the Karthus sometimes.

LoL: UNF0RGIVEN: “I can see MAD Lions winning LEC again.”
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