LoL Ultimate Skins Tier List

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LoL Ultimate Skins Tier List

Which LoL Ultimate Skin is the best of the best?

League of Legends never fails to captivate players with its extensive array of champion skins. Among the multitude of options, Ultimate Skins stand out as the pinnacle of visual excellence and creativity. These extraordinary skins, as defined by Riot, offer players an immersive and unparalleled experience, elevating the novelty bar for skins in unique ways.

Introduced for the first time in 2012 with the groundbreaking Pulsefire Ezreal skin, Ultimate skins quickly gained popularity, becoming a sought-after addition for players. Despite the overwhelming demand from the player base, the development of Ultimate skins remains a meticulous process, as Riot aims to ensure that each skin delivers a best-in-class experience.

With only a handful of Ultimate skins available, each one represents an expansive new fantasy for the champion it adorns. These skins have the power to transform champions into awe-inspiring beings, equipped with breathtaking visual enhancements and innovative features.

With Riot announcing the first Ultimate Skin added to the game since 2020 will be for Samira, we decided it was the perfect occasion to go back in time and look at how LoL Ultimate Skins compare against each other.

6. Gun Goddess Miss Fortune, 2775 RP

gun goddess miss fortune
Gun Goddess Miss Fortune, via Riot Games

Gun Goddess Miss Fortune is the only ultimate skin in the game cheaper than 3250 RP, and it’s not without a good reason. When the skin was released, it was heavily criticized as many players perceived it as unfinished, hence the reduced price. The skin doesn’t offer a lot of different animations compared to other Miss Fortune skins, nor it has the same effects other ultimate skins have.

Most ultimate skins in League offer some sort of transformation or different forms while playing the game. And although players can choose between four different Gun Goddess forms (Scarlet Fair, Zero Hour, Royal Arms, and Star Swarm), they aren’t distinctive enough from each other to justify the high cost. Different guns and outfits that seem like four chromas for the skin aren’t as attractive, especially for the champion with the most skins in the game.

5. K/DA All Out Seraphine, 3250 RP

kda seraphine
K'DA All Out Seraphine, via Riot Games

Debuting during the 2020 World Championship, K/DA All Out Seraphine was meant to take players on a journey through the life of an aspiring musician. This ultimate skin offers multiple evolving forms, representing Seraphine's transformation from an indie star to a global pop sensation. The forms (Indie, Rising Star, and Superstar) are unlocked through in-game missions, adding a sense of achievement and progression.

Beyond its captivating storytelling, K/DA All Out Seraphine immerses players in the K/DA universe, connecting them to Seraphine's social media presence and comic series, enhancing the overall experience.

But it is also one of the most controversial skins in the game. Many fans felt like Seraphine getting an Ultimate Skin as a release skin was unearned, especially considering the rarity of them. Also while K’DA All Out fits the mold of Ultimate Skins by having multiple accessible forms, most people consider the individual skins as not being worth of a Ultimate.

4. Pulsfire Ezreal, 3250 RP

pulsfire ezreal
Pulsfire Ezreal, via Riot Games

The first ever ultimate skin, Pulsfire Ezreal was a game-changer when it was released back in 2012. It came with entirely new animations and effects, not to mention it was the first skin that changed how it look throughout the game. Pulsfire Ezreal has four different forms that get unlocked as you play the game and level up your ultimate ability, with Ezreal’s armor getting more and more detailed.

The skin got reworked in 2018 when Ezreal got himself a visual update, bringing his in-game model and animations to modern times. While the update helped the skin a lot in making it a lot smoother and visually appealing, it’s not the best skin you can get for the champion. Ezreal has the third-most skins in League of Legends, and with many better skins available such as Battle Academia and Star Guardian, Pulsfire’s popularity isn’t as high as it used to be.

3. DJ Sona, 3250 RP

dj sona
DJ Sona, via Riot Games

Unleashed in 2015, DJ Sona revolutionized the way players experience in-game music. This Ultimate skin offers three forms: Concussive, Ethereal, and Kinetic, each with its own unique visual effects, soundtracks, and beats. The forms dynamically change based on the player's actions and the stage of the game, creating a mesmerizing audio-visual journey. DJ Sona elevates the gameplay experience by immersing players in a symphony of lights and sounds, making it a must-have skin for both Sona enthusiasts and music lovers.

While considered the pinnacle of skins in the past, multiple changes made to DJ Sona in recent years removing a lot of its features lowered the desirability and uniqueness of the skin by a considerable margin.

2. Spirit Guard Udyr, 3250 RP

spirit guard udyr
Spirit Guard Udyr, via Riot Games

Spirit Guard Udyr, the second Ultimate skin released in League of Legends, embodied the primal force of nature. Initially introduced in 2013, this skin showcased Udyr's connection with the natural world with five different forms corresponding to Udyr's stances, Tiger, Turtle, Bear, Phoenix, and base. Each form features breathtaking particle effects and awakened visual designs that depict Udyr's godlike essence. Spirit Guard Udyr immerses players in the shamanistic power of Udyr, creating a visually awe-inspiring experience.

And that was before the stunning VGU (Visual and Gameplay Update) Udyr received back in 2022. With the new in-game model and art style, Spirit Guard Udyr got elevated to another level. Nowadays, it is the skin that defines the champion and what most one-tricks of his use.

1. Elementalist Lux, 3250 RP

elementalist lux
Elementalist Lux, via Riot Games

Topping our tier list is probably the magnum opus of Ultimate Skins. Released with an astonishing ten forms, Elementalist Lux allows players to harness the power of various elements. Each one of the 10 forms of this skin (Light, Water, Fire, Air, Nature, Ice, Storm, Magma, Mystic and Dark) boasts unique visual designs, hairstyles and ability effects.

What sets Elementalist Lux apart is the ability to combine elements, creating a third customized form. This unparalleled level of personalization, coupled with the intricate attention to detail, solidifies Elementalist Lux as the epitome of Ultimate skins.

It also helps that despite being one of the most recognizable champions in League of Legends and having over 15 skins to choose from, Lux’s base in-game model is a relic from the past. Elementalist Lux is one of the skins that use a different model, so it also enhances the gameplay on top of the visuals.

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LoL Ultimate Skins Tier List
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