LoL: Rogue’s Inspired Wins 2021 LEC KIA MVP Award

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LoL: Rogue’s Inspired Wins 2021 LEC KIA MVP Award

Rogue's jungler is receiving some very deserved recognition.

Ahead of the day's LEC Summer Semifinal between Fnatic and Rogue, the results for this split's KIA MVP award were announced. And it was none other than Kacper “Inspired” Słoma who claimed it. Rogue's jungler has had a fantastic split and has long been a point of power on the roster. While there are some other standout junglers in the LEC, Inspired was a shining star throughout the entire split.

It's no surprise that Inspired has had a fantastic split. Throughout the early games of Rogue's matches, it's often Inspired setting up his team for success. But he's been a huge playmaker in the later stages of the game. Cast your mind back to game-winning Fiddlesticks ultimates and Viego Pentakills, and it's clear the award is well-deserved.

With him, Rogue has made it all the way to the Summer Semifinals, where they fight against Europe's old kings, Fnatic. While Rogue hasn't quite had the post-season they'd have wanted, their eyes are set firmly on the LEC title. If they can get through Fnatic, MAD Lions await them in the Grand Final, who they'll undoubtedly crave a grudge match against. But no matter what happens, Inspired has been and will continue to be a significant part of Rogue's success and he'll, at the very least, have a nice consolation prize!

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