LoL: RNG vs Hanwha Life – Worlds 2021 Group Stage Recap

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LoL: RNG vs Hanwha Life – Worlds 2021 Group Stage Recap

Victory here for RNG could all but secure their Knockout Stage position. As for HLE, this could be a major spanner in the works for the rest of Group C, as they weren't expected to make it out of the group.

Royal Never Give Up vs Hanwha Life Esports

A screenshot from the 2021 World Championship Main Event Group Stage broadcast, showing the champion drafts between Royal Never Give Up and Hanwha Life Esports with a shot of HLE jungler Willer above.

Jumping right into the action, it was the First Blood for HLE, which was quickly traded back to RNG. HLE took down another two members as a mid lane brawl got this game off to a frantic start. RNG bounced back in the top side next but once again HLE were stronger in the small skirmishes and came out on top in kills. That was quickly met with HLE picking up two kills in a 2v2 in the bot side, with an amazing outplay by Vsta to secure his side the kills.

HLE moved into the mid-game with the same level of aggression that they showed in the early game by chasing RNG under their tower. Ultimately, it led to a one-for-one trade. But as a result of losing their tower, HLE had lost their lead. And by the 17-minute mark, RNG moved to 1k ahead. The game had quietly gone the way of RNG, with a 26-minute Baron attempt, RNG had moved to 3k ahead. The Baron was left for the time being, as RNG chased a retreating HLE. With a fight in the HLE jungle, RNG lost their top laner and were forced to reset. HLE delayed the Baron and gained valuable vision control around the objective.

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HLE hangs on by a thread

At the 31-minute mark, there was a big team fight that broke out and it’s HLE that took it two-for-zero. Afterward, HLE took the Baron and the gold was drawn even. The next fight kicked off at the drake, but while HLE claimed the Drake to prevent the Soul Drake from going to RNG, they lost three members. After resetting and respawning, a top lane fight was next up, and this time HLE are the winners. They took down two members of RNG as the first game of the day entered the late-late game.

Suddenly, HLE forced down the Baron with RNG nowhere in sight to stop it. While Baron was secured, HLE lost all but one member as RNG pushed into the mid lane. RNG couldn’t be stopped, as despite picking up two Barons, HLE failed to win the match. With another win here, RNG marched up the Group C standings.

Quick Stats:

  • Teams: RNG v HLE
  • Time: 40:19
  • Kills: 19-16
  • Turrets: 9-5
  • Gold: 73.6k – 70.1k
  • Dragons: 3-2
  • Barons: 0-2
LoL: RNG vs Hanwha Life – Worlds 2021 Group Stage Recap
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