LoL: Rammus Finally Gets The Rework Treatment, Riot Gives First Look

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LoL: Rammus Finally Gets The Rework Treatment, Riot Gives First Look

Rammus is one of League of Legends’ oldest characters, and one of the least used.

Dating back to the game’s beta, Rammus has been around for so long he even has one of the rarest skins in the game. While Rammus is always reminding us that he “Ok” it’s hard to deny that his look and skills are a little “old school”.

Thankfully, we now have some information about Rammus’ new look, alongside a work-in-progress change to his Ultimate ability.

Rammus’ new Visual update

Firstly we have a new visual look to Rammus’ abilities. Though hardly groundbreaking, they do bring the champion a little more in line with the 2021 visual style of LoL. We got our first look at these changes from Riot Games’ Sr VFX Artist Sirhaian, who tweeted out a thread looking at some changes.

The most striking visual change to the base three skills is to Rammus’ W “Defensive Ball Curl” and E “Frenzying Taunt” abilities. Both are now much clearer to see, especially so in the heat of the moment. Alongside those two, his Q “Powerball” also got some work done, adding in a trail behind Rammus, so he can be more easily tracked.

Rammus gets a new Ultimate

Obviously, Rammus’ most important change comes in the form of his new ultimate. Previously called Tremors, Rammus’ would create waves around dealing damage and slowing. While a fairly effective spell, it never really felt like much of an ultimate ability.

His new ultimate, “Soaring Slam” looks to change that. As shown in the video above, Rammus will hop into the air and slam at the target location. Dealing damage and slowing enemies. Ultimately, Rammus has retained his ultimate while gaining some added utility. One added bonus is, if the ultimate is used in conjunction with his Powerball, it will cause enemies near the center of the impact to be knocked up for 0.75 seconds.

Rammus' skins get updates

Lastly, as with most VFX rewords, Rammus’ skins will be getting some love, too. For now, he’ll get VFX work done to his Freljord, Ninja, Full Metal, Guardian of the Sands, Sweeper, and lastly Hextech. Understandably, we won’t see a change to King Rammus.

All these changes are subject to change for now, as Rammus heads to the PBE this week for players to test.