Rarest Skins in League of Legends

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Rarest Skins in League of Legends

ESTNN takes a look at some of the rarest skins LoL has to offer.

Over the years of League of Legends’ life, some skins have come and gone. While most eventually come back or can be found in boxes as “legacy” skins, the skins here are much rarer, and you’ll be lucky to see them in game.

While LoL is arguably the most popular online title out right now, that wasn’t always the case. Once upon a time the game had a physical edition of the game, featuring some skins and champions to get you started. Those skins, and a few from events over the years make up the majority of this list.

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The PAX Skins

The LoL PAX Jax skin, showing the Champion in an Asian inspired outfit with a wooden bo, creeping through the forest

It’s the most obvious addition to this list, but the PAX skins are so of the most coveted in the game. These skins were given in person during PAX events in 2009, 2010, and 2011. A reimagined Neo PAX Sivir skin was released in 2018, and available for 10 gemstones but later returned to the vault.

Normally, skins like this would still be available, though for a much higher price via sites like eBay. Though, Riot Games seemed to have this in mind when giving out the skins as they included an expiry code. So if you ever see one of these in game, you know you’re in the presence of something rare, especially if you play outside the NA server.

Black Alistar

The Black Alistair skin, featuring a unique black and red colour scheme for the champion

This is one of those skins that you just don’t see in-game any more. Found inside the League of Legends Digital Collector’s Pack or physical edition. The skin isn’t a huge standout, though, the color scheme does make the skin stand out.

Despite the skin's plain design, however, it’ll cost you over $500 if you were looking to find an account with it on. It also makes me regret when I was a young lad and saw a LoL physical edition for sale in the shop I worked at and just left it there. If only we had known.

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Triumphant Ryze and Human Ryze

The Champion Ryze in his Triumphant skin with golden tatoos covering his body

One of the few rare skins that can still be obtained. Triumphant Ryze is gifted to winning sides at Riot Games sponsored events. The skin also looks fairly decent, without being too amazing that people complain they can’t get it.

The skin has a rough value of between $300 – $400. Though with the skin still obtainable, you could always just work hard and earn yourself.

Ryze also has another rare skin; Human Ryze, which is no longer available in the game having required the purchase of a physical copy of League of Legends.

Victorious Skins

The splash art for Janna's Victorious skin shows with a crystal lance, leading the charge

For the Victorious skin line you’ll need to end each season in at least Gold. In recent years doing this in multiple ranked queues (Flex/Soloq) or getting a higher rank would also net you a chroma variant. While the newer skins  are much more common due to the games increased player size, Jarvan, Janna, and Elise’s Victorious skins are standouts.

Morgana, Sivir, Maoki, Graves, Orianna, Aatrox, and most recently, Lucian have featured as end of season rewards.

King Rammus

The King Rammus skin is based on the villain, Bowser, from the iconic Super Mario games

A skin that’s become iconic for two reasons. Firstly, the skin is incredibly rare, only being available to players after the closed beta ended in October 2009. The skin was offered to anyone that played or signed up to the games original beta testing and is now only available by buying an account, which is against Riot Games’ T&C.

The second reason the skin is so iconic; it harkens back to a time when Riot Games were a little less cautious about other people’s IP. King Rammus is very clearly based on Bowser from the Mario series and Riot has tended to stay away from these types of skins, for obvious reasons.

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Rusty Blitzcrank

Rusty Blitzcrank, much like a lot of these skins on this list is here because he’s old. Way back in 2009 Riot Games released him as a skin in the store. But following complaints from the player base that the skin was low effort, Riot Games removed him from the store.

The skin, which is so similar to the original skin of Blitzcrank would probably go unnoticed in-game if you had it. Which at least proves that Riot Games was right to remove the skin. The skin was updated back in 2014, to at least look slightly less like Blitzcrank’s standard look. However, you’ll likely never see it in-game anyway, which is why it takes the final spot on this list.

Honorable Mentions

Silver Kayle is another one of the skins found back in the collector’s edition. The skin is as rare as the other’s on this list found in the same collection.

Corki UFO was a skin offered to players who played before June 14. While an incredibly rare skin, King Rammus was given to players 6 months earlier making Rammus the rarer skin.

URF Warwick is a weird one, now found in the end of year Essence Emporium, it was first found in the store. The price was 5000 RP, making it the most expensive skin ever to appear in the store. The skin then went on a 99% discount a week later, before going up to 500 RP before finally going to 5000 for the final weekend. The skin sales did all go to a foundation for protecting hunted manatees. So at least the high price was valid.

Rarest Skins in League of Legends
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