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Brandon Sturak
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LoL: PowerOfEvil Joins Immortals For LCS 2022

The letters "POE" appear in large blue text in the middle of the screen with the words "PowerOfEvil Joins Immortals" above and below them on a black background with grey lines and boxes.

From TSM FTX to Immortals in less than a day.

Yesterday, TSM FTX announced that they've parted ways with mid laner Tristan “PowerOfEvil” Schrage. While it was very expected that POE would find a new team relatively easily, no one really expected him to find it with Immortals. However, less than a day after the TSM announcement, IMT confirmed that he'll be joining forces with them for 2022.

For a player of POE's caliber, it's somewhat surprising that he chose to go with Immortals for next season. Ever since IMT rejoined the league in 2020, they've struggled to make a real impact. Their various squads have had some great moments, but overall, they were always a middle or lower of the pack team. With POE most recently being on teams that challenged for domestic titles, this may be a bit of a step back for him.

Or IMT is setting up for a breakthrough season. Having a veteran like PowerOfEvil on the team is a major boon for them, especially when one of their weakest points previously was in that mid lane role. Come 2022, he could be a huge carry for the squad and, if he has good pieces around him, very well turn Immortals into a competitive team. While it's still a bit too early to tell, IMT fans should be excited about the pickup and hopeful for a good 2022 LCS season.

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Featured image via Immortals.

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