LoL: TSM FTX And PowerOfEvil Part Ways Ahead of 2022 Season

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LoL: TSM FTX And PowerOfEvil Part Ways Ahead of 2022 Season

The man in the mid lane will be looking for a new team during this free agency period.

At the top of the free agency period, TSM FTX has announced that Tristan “PowerOfEvil” Schrage is leaving the team. PowerOfEvil only played with the organization this year but is already moving on. Its not confirmed where he'll be going for the 2022 season, though whether its in NA or EU, its very likely he'll find another team without any real issue.

TSM has a legacy of being a top competitor in the LCS, challenging for titles and claiming Worlds spots consistently. However, they didnt't quite find the success they wanted to this season. They had solid places throughout the splits but didn't show up when they needed to, in the LCS Championship, where they only finished fourth, meaning they didn't secure a coveted ticket to Worlds 2021.

Despite the disappointment at the end, PowerOfEvil and his squad had great moments throughout the year. With his long career and track record of success, the German mid laner is a staple of Western competitive play and will almost certainly find a team for 2022. Its not certain where he'll end up yet though, so his fans will have to wait a little bit longer on this.

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With the mid lane position open now, it'll be interesting to see who fills it for TSM. From early reports, Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg is returning to competitive play after coaching for a stint, though those same reports say that he'll be signing with another team. If those are true, TSM will have a new mid laner once again. Regardless, fans of the team and of POE will be waiting in anticipation for what's next!

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