LoL Patch 14.2 Notes Introduces Vanguard and Champion Buffs

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LoL Patch 14.2 Notes Introduces Vanguard and Champion Buffs

LoL Patch 14.2 sees the introduction of Vanguard, Riot Games's anti-cheat detection system. As well as the quality of life changes for some champions to help adjust to the new terrain for Summoners Rift in Season 14.

We are officially into the swing of things with Season 14. The new changes to the map, the items, and more seem to have positively affected the game, and the community appears to welcome the changes. Not all champions will sadly feel the love the new season offers. Riot Riru mentioned this in the latest LoL Patch 14.2 notes. Top Lane Champions such as Camille and Illaoi have had difficulty adjusting to the new terrain. 14.2 will also introduce Vanguard, Riot's anti-cheat system that has worked wonders in their Tactical Shooter, VALORANT.

Riot Vanguard Introduced In LoL Patch 14.2

It has been a long time coming, but Riot Games is finally preparing to introduce Vanguard to League of Legends. In a few weeks, the developers will start running diagnostics to ensure your computer is ready to install Vanguard, Riot’s proprietary anti-cheat software. In the future, this software will be required if you wish to play League of Legends and or Teamfight Tactics. If you have trouble installing Vanguard, please visit the Riot Games Vanguard troubleshooting guide.

Champion Changes for LoL Patch 14.2

Smolder NEW Champion: Smolder is the newest Champion in League of Legends in Patch 14.2. While the patch is released today, players must wait a few more days to play the young dragon. Smolder will be on the live League of Legends server on January 31. To learn more about Smolder's abilities, check out our article on Smolder here.

Ahri: According to Riot, Ahri lost some power in the new season with Patch 14.1. With fewer Ability Haste options available to her, Ahri's E cooldown became problematic as players were more cautious about using the ability with a long cooldown.

Blitzcrank: Blitzcrank has become one of the prominent support champions both in solo queue and competitive pro play. Perhaps even a little too strong for the developers' liking. In patch 14.2, Riot is toning down Blitzcrank to be more of a glass cannon. Allowing for Blitzcrank to be punished for the overaggression players have been used to recently.

Briar: Briar's lethality build has been the dominant and strongest version of Briar, while her Bruiser build has been on the shelf. 14.2 addresses these issues by adding on-hit synergy with her kit and much-needed health. This is while reducing the power of her lethality and crit.

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Camille: Camille has been hit pretty hard in season 14. With the changes to the terrain and the removal of Divine Sunderer, Camille has fallen out of favor in the top lane. Therefore, Riot is looking to improve her laning stats to give her more of a fighting chance with increased health, passive cooldown, and improved bonus speed on Q.

Darius: Darius has been in a weird state since the changes to Stridebreaker. To counter how poor Darius has been recently, Riot is reducing the mana cost to his Q – the healing based on missing health will be increased while the armor penetration passive on his E has also been increased.

Ezreal: Ezreal was one of the many champions heavily affected by the item changes in Season 14. Items such as Ravenous Hydra and Serylda’s Grudge did not pack the same punch they did in previous patches. While Ezreal is not in a bad state, Riot feels further buffs would improve things. All three of Ezreal's basic abilities have been affected by increased damage. Taking less pressure off of players relying solely on his Q for damage.

Fizz: Unlike Ezreal, Fizz has dramatically benefited from the item changes thanks to the countless strong assassin items. To counter this, Fizz's Q magic damage will be decreased and his W magic damage over time will also be reduced.

Garen: Like Darius, Garen did not perform well when the Stridebreaker changes hit the live server. According to Riot, the buffs to Garen in 14.2 should help Garen perform well in the damage and durability department. This is achieved through damage reduction duration through his W, which is adjusted to 4 seconds at all ranks. This comes alongside an increase in damage through his E.

Gragas: Gragas in the Jungle has been highly disappointing, with the champion being far less durable. To counter this, Riot is improving Gragas's armor and health growth while reducing the cooldown time on his ultimate, which should see an increase in ganks.

Gwen: According to Riot, they went a little too hard on the effects to Gwen, so they are increasing the passive damage, which should see an improvement and erase the nerfs they just did.

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Hwei: Hwei is struggling to adapt to the new items with the lack of ability haste that is in the game right now. Riot is hoping a decrease in his E cooldown and his EQ flee duration should see more consistent disengage.

Illaoi: Illaoi is struggling with the changes in Season 14. Firstly, there are fewer walls for her passive to attach to, while item changes have also not done her any favors. Illaoi in LoL Patch 14.2 will see her base mana, mana growth, and health growth increase while her passive heal will also be increased.

Jax: One of the few Top Lane champions that has come into Season 14 just fine without Divine Sunderer is Jax, who has plenty of options thanks to the new items. Jax, however, has been one of the strongest champions in the lane for far too long, and Riot is looking to knock him down slightly with a decrease to his E damage.

Karma: According to Riot, the 14.1 changes weaken Karma's position in the game. In patch 14.2, Karma will receive a base health increase, her Q damage increase, and her E shield strength increased.

Karthus: Karthus is another champion who did not perform well after the item changes. In patch 14.2, Karthus will see his Q damage increase and his W magic resist reduction increase.

Rumble: Rumble is one of the stronger champions in the game at the moment, and Riot feels he needs slight adjustments to make him more balanced. Rumble will see his Q damage decrease and his E magic resist reduction decrease in patch 14.2.

Shen: Due to the item changes, Shen hasn't been as good as he was in the past. In patch 14.2, Shen will see increased base attack damage.

Teemo: Despite the micropatch nerf, Teemo is still performing too well. In 14.2, Teemo will have his R charge time increased while his E damage decreased.

Veigar: Veigar has been having a tough time dealing with the overwhelming number of strong assassins in the game. Patch 14.2 will see Veigar have more survivability with a base health increase.

Stay tuned to ESTNN for the latest League of Legends news and updates. For the entire League of Legends patch schedule, please check out our article covering the dates here.

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