LoL: MSI 2021 Rumble Stage – Day Two Recap

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LoL: MSI 2021 Rumble Stage – Day Two Recap

Day One of the Rumble stage gave us some memorable matches, can Day Two bring the heat again?

It’s fair to say that we learned a lot from Day One of Rumble Stage. We learned that RNG is not to be messed with, that PSG and Pentanet have a long way to go to make it to the Knockout Stage, and that Europe is better than North America. Day Two would see Cloud9 face off against DAMWON, and MAD would take on RNG, while PSG and Pentanet had a chance to put Day One behind them.

Pentanet.GG vs Royal Never Give Up


RNG got the game off to the expected start, taking the First Blood in the bot side. PGG managed to get a kill on the board, but it’s short-lived as RNG caught them out in their own jungle for another three kills. PGG made a big play in the bot side to catch out Xiaohu, however, the play backfired as they failed to take him down. RNG then picked up a kill in the mid lane along with a first blood tower on the top side.

PGG picked up another two crucial kills, as they tried to stay in the game. With the Drake on the map, PGG and RNG traded one-for-one and picked up the drake. Despite being 5k behind, they looked close in the team fights. Next, RNG forced a Baron fight. PGG was too slow to react but the after-Baron fight went exactly how they planned. PGG smashed RNG, taking down four members and losing just two. RNG remained ahead on gold but PGG looked strong in fights. The next 5v5 started close, RNG pulled the trigger but PGG was more than ready for it. The extended fight went the way of PGG but they unfortunately couldn’t take the Baron.

The fight is extended and Teleports fall onto the Rift, as PGG gets caught out. RNG was pushed to their absolute limits and somehow managed to find the game-winning moment to Ace PGG. Despite PGG’s best efforts, RNG took the match as they moved to 3-0.

Quick Stats:

  • Time: 29:10
  • Kills: 13-16
  • Turrets: 3-8
  • Gold: 49.2k – 57.8k
  • Dragons: 2-2
  • Barons: 3-1

DAMWON KIA vs Cloud9

A screenshot from the LoL Esports broadcast for the Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) match between DAMWON KIA and Cloud9. The picked and banned champion drafts appear at the bottom of the image with a shot of the DK LoL lineup on stage above.

It was the ideal start for C9 when they were able to get two quick kills in the bot side with the help of Blaber. Shortly after, it’s nearly a rinse repeat for C9 as they gank the DK bot side yet again. This time they only got the one kill but they still moved 1k ahead. Minutes later it's the same lane, same outcome, as C9 this time won a 2v2 in the bot side. As a result, DK started to fall further behind.

The match finally got its first 5v5 fight and it went the way of C9. DK just wasn’t at the races as C9 took down two members, with none lost in reply. C9 pushed down the mid lane next, taking the DK tier 1 tower. No one died by DK and they looked shell-shocked. C9 took the drake, furthering the lead, but soon found themselves caught out. DK took down Perkz but the rest of the side escaped. The next play saw DK all-in for the C9 mid lane tier 1 but they couldn't escape when C9 chased them down and killed two members. Next, C9 moved to Baron and took down the objective without any competition. However, DK found a fight in the lower river, taking down two members of C9. With the Soul Drake spawning, DK crucially delayed the game.

Cloud9 lets it slip

It’s the same story again for C9, this time in the top river. They got caught out again trying to steal the blue buff and lose Perkz. DK kept up the chase and picked up yet another kill, reducing the gold lead down to 1k. Then, DK again executed an amazing play by hiding inside the Senna stealth and surprised C9, taking down two members with the sneak attack. Now, the gold was close to even. It all went wrong for C9 after DK took down the Baron. The reigning World Champs collapsed onto the C9 base cutting down two members as they moved to the Nexus towers. C9 had the game in the palm of their hands, but they let it slip, and their Nexus fell as DK moved to 2-1.

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Quick Stats:

  • Time: 34:37
  • Kills: 13-10
  • Turrets: 7-5
  • Gold: 60.6k – 57.3k
  • Dragons: 2-3
  • Barons: 1-1

MAD Lions vs Royal Never Give Up

A screenshot from the LoL Esports broadcast for the Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) match between MAD Lions and Royal Never Give Up (RNG). The picked and banned champion drafts appear at the bottom of the image with a shot of the MAD players and coach above.

RNG, who remained undefeated, was a difficult test for MAD. RNG took First Blood after Humanoid was caught out in the mid lane. It was almost a lot worse for MAD but they managed to get the rest of their members out at the expense of three flashes. While no more kills came in the first 13 minutes, RNG moved to 2k ahead with better map play.

The first big fight happened at the 16-minute Rift Herald. The long, extended fight somehow went three-for-three overall despite MAD getting caught out on the lower side of the river. The fight extended even further (after a chrono-break) which saw MAD pull off a delayed Ace over the course of the fight. RNG rushed a Baron as they baited MAD into the Baron bit. Armut died early, with MAD able to get one kill back. RNG walked away with an almost free Baron kill as MAD was slow to react.

MAD fights back but its RNG against them

Later on, RNG forced another Baron. MAD looked to stop them but they just couldn't get close enough. This meant RNG escaped and reset with their second uber buff. With this, RNG started to push in the mid and bottom lane Inhibitors but MAD capitalized on them mispositioning. Cryin died early, and as RNG tried to make something out of the play, they lost two more with MAD losing only one in return. RNG was still well in the lead at this point, however, MAD showed signs of life.

With the drake spawning on the map, Cryin TF ultimates into the MAD base, trying to base race them again. MAD somehow again managed to win the drake fight and defend what’s left of their base. Afterward, RNG moved to claim their third Baron of the game and looked to finally end MAD’s suffering. On their next push, RNG was able to find the pick that opened up the MAD base. Despite MAD’s best efforts, RNG was simply too far ahead as they defeated MAD and kept their winning streak going.

Quick Stats:

  • Time: 36:15
  • Kills: 11-13
  • Turrets: 2-11
  • Gold: 60.3k – 72.1k
  • Dragons: 3-3
  • Barons: 0-3

Cloud9 vs PSG.Talon

A screenshot from the LoL Esports broadcast for the Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) match between Cloud9 and PSG.Talon. The picked and banned champion drafts appear at the bottom of the image with a shot of the 2021 MSI stage above.

After a rough game earlier in the day, it was the perfect start for C9 as they got off on the right foot by picking up First Blood. They followed it up with another kill top side as C9 looked to end their current 0-3 run in the Rumble stage. But from here, the game got a little more sloppy, giving PSG the opportunity to come into the match. They picked up a key kill onto Perkz in the mid lane, however, Blaber is able to quickly get one back for C9.

Things continued to go tit for tat, though C9 still maintained their 1k gold lead from earlier in the game. It took till just over the 20-minute mark, when Baron spawned, for everything to go wrong. A 5v5 team fight in the mid lane went completely sideways for C9. Blaber again was caught out and his team collapses around him into the meat grinder, as PSG Aces them.

Cloud9 crumbles

C9’s gold lead was gone as PSG moved to 3k ahead. C9 moved towards the drake, and it’s secured, but in the ensuing fight, it was again PSG to come out on top. They took down four members of C9 and looked for what they could take. Immediately, PSG rushed down to the bottom lane of C9 and ripped it apart. With only Blaber left alive, C9 was unable to stop PSG as they secured a massive win, with C9 taking yet another loss.

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Quick Stats:

  • Time:29:34
  • Kills: 9-18
  • Turrets: 1-8
  • Gold: 48.6k – 58k
  • Dragons: 2-3
  • Barons: 0-1

Pentanet.GG vs DAMWON KIA

A screenshot from the LoL Esports broadcast for the Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) match between Pentanet.GG and DAMWON KIA. The picked and banned champion drafts appear at the bottom of the image with a shot of the PGG LoL lineup above.

The fifth game of the day was an uphill battle for PGG, no doubt. And it was the start PGG would have been dreading, as DK picked up two kills early on. PGG had a mountain to climb from that point on. It’s all DK by the 9th minute when another two kills went their way. Honestly, PGG looked almost out of it even at this early stage.

A few minutes of quiet went by, but DK continued to extend their gold lead during the period. By the 16th minute, the PGG outer towers were all gone, as the lead extended to over 13k. PGG shortly after tried a make or break play but they just had no damage. DK took down all five members and it looked like it was only a matter of time before DK went to 3-1.

Too easy for DAMWON

With Baron not even on the map, DK moved bot side to end the match. The first fight goes one-for-one but DK repositioned to the mid lane and took down two members of PGG along with the mid lane Inhibitor. With Rift Herald dropped, DK took down the PGG Nexus as PGG joined C9 on 0-4.

Quick Stats:

  • Time: 19:33
  • Kills: 1-18
  • Turrets: 0-10
  • Gold: 26.1k – 43.6k
  • Dragons: 0-3
  • Barons: 0-0

MAD Lions vs PSG.Talon

A screenshot from the LoL Esports broadcast for the Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) match between MAD Lions and PSG.Talon. The picked and banned champion drafts appear at the bottom of the image with a shot of the 2021 MSI stage above.

To kick off the final game of the day, MAD picked up a huge 2v2 First Blood but lost two kills quickly after. MAD moved into the bot lane a few minutes later, this time with the help of their jungle, and this time they don’t lose a kill in return. MAD started the game well but started to make some misplays. They dropped two aviodable kills over to PSG as the gap closed to 1k.

With the game slowing down, MAD was able to increase their lead slightly to 2.5k after a highly effective Rift Herald drop in the top lane. The game remained close, with the first big team fight likely to decide it. PSG made a positive move in the mid lane, as an amazing max range hook from Nautilus caught out Carzzy, and PSG turned it into a third Drake. Shortly after, another fight started in the top river. Here, PSG got the early kill before the fight went two-for-two in the end, with PSG coming out on top. Despite losing those fights, MAD maintained a respectable 3k gold lead.

MAD make EU fans wait, but bring home the W

The next big fight was perfect for PSG at the start. They got the first kill to eliminate Elyoya, but Carzzy started to get resets on Tristiana, and he destroyed the PSG health bars to allow MAD to claim the drake. Not done there, they moved to Baron and secured that for free to move their gold lead to around 5k. From here, MAD moved bottom side with Baron, and the bottom lane Inhibitor dropped without PSG able to defend it. Then MAD took the buff mid, and though Kaiser falls to PSG, MAD took one for their trouble. As MAD ran away, Gnar Teleported behind them but PSG couldn't make the game-changing play, only trading one-for-one kills. After thwarting the attempt, MAD finally managed to take the mid lane inhibitor.

MAD, now without Baron, moved top side. PSG caught out one member, but it was the wrong one, as MAD slaughtered the entire PSG lineup and their Nexus to move to 3-1 in the Rumble Stage.

Quick Stats:

  • Time: 35:45
  • Kills: 16-13
  • Turrets: 11-2
  • Gold: 69.5k – 59.6k
  • Dragons: 3-3
  • Barons:1-0
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