LoL: LEC Caster Ender To Leave LEC Broadcast, Move Back to LA

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LoL: LEC Caster Ender To Leave LEC Broadcast, Move Back to LA

After joining the LEC (then LCS) back in 2018, Christy “Ender” Frierson has decided to move back to Los Angeles to continue his casting career.

Ender has been a popular figure in the LEC, and has been a mainstay during the LEC period. His final LEC cast came as part of a tri-cast of the MAD Lions v Rogue Spring Split 2021 Grand Final.

Ender got his first break in League of Legends casting back with CompeteLeague where he was casting Challenger level matches in their CompeteLeague Elite tournament. It was during this time that Ender would cast alongside current LCS caster Clayton `”CaptainFlowers” Raines, who he cast with on the latter’s final cast before joining the LCS. Shortly after, Ender would follow CaptainFlowers to the LCS as a referee, before being moved up to head LCS referee shortly after. Ender moved to the EULCS (LEC) in 2018.

Speaking about the news, Ender had this to say:

“I’ve made the difficult decision not to return to the LEC this summer. The past three years have been amazing and I wish nothing but the best for the LEC team. Thanks to everyone for supporting me and I hope you stay with me on this crazy ride. “

Ender won’t be off our monitors for long, however. He'll likely be featured in some capacity at MSI as part of the LEC broadcast team from Berlin. After that, he’ll head back to LA to continue casting League of Legends, possibly with the LCS team, where he started his career in League of Legends as a referee on the LCS broadcast. Ender has also laid out plans to co-stream LCS/LEC on Twitch should the opportunity arise.

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Lastly, Ender points to a future where he’d like to cast Valorant. While he wasn’t able to find casting opportunities in Europe casting the title (likely a reason for his return to America) he’s hoping to join a broadcast in LA moving forward.

LoL: LEC Caster Ender To Leave LEC Broadcast, Move Back to LA
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