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Brandon Sturak
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LoL: LCS Unveils In-Game Honda Banners And Broadcast Segment

Pictures of League of Legends' Summoner's Rift showcasing Honda sponsored banners
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LCS is debuting a new feature today with Honda.

Today, the LCS announced that they'll be rolling out Honda-branded banners during this week's playoff games. In May, Riot Games announced that they would be implementing these in-game banners, and they've done so in other regions. However, this is the first one for the LCS. Dubbed "Summoner's Rift arena branding," these banners will showcase their partners' brands with banners that audiences, but not players, can see in-game.

Honda is a long-time sponsor of the LCS. They support the amateur NA scene with the Honda Scouting Grounds, while also sponsoring the LCS MVP Award. Plus, they're a part of the DRIVE series that showcases the LCS' talent. As a result, Honda is a logical choice for the LCS to kick off this new branding with.

In addition to the banners, they'll have their own broadcast segment. It'll be named the "Honda Performance Play" and be triggered by "masterful plays and highly technical skillshots". In essence, these will be highlight plays that demonstrate players' skills. When these happen, the plays will replay and the casters will break them down. Honda will certainly leave its mark on some of the LCS' best plays with this.

Recently, the LCS has been busy with new partnerships. They've started a new partnership with Buffalo Wild Wings and worked with Red Bull to set up an amateur 1v1 tournament series. Thankfully, they have managed to avoid any controversial partners, unlike the LEC recently, whose disastrous deal ended up in disaster and pushed Riot Games to create a special Deals Council. All in all, things are boding quite well for NA's premier LoL league.

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