LoL: LCK Summer Playoffs: Finals Preview

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LoL: LCK Summer Playoffs: Finals Preview

The top two teams in the LCK face-off for the title.

The LCK was one of the last leagues to end their summer split, but their gauntlet style playoffs ended over the weekend and set the stage for a Finals matchup that seemed preordained. DragonX and Damwon Gaming aren’t household names in the LCK, but they have both taken shape this summer and positioned themselves to be among the favorites to win Worlds.

How we got here

The LCK takes the top five teams and sets up a gauntlet style playoffs. Damwon Gaming and DragonX were ranked first and second respectfully, with only one game separating the two. The only upset in the playoffs was Afreeca Freecs taking down SK Telecom, otherwise it went pretty much as expected. Gen.G and DRX provided a weird clash of lopsided games that DRX ended up winning 3-2. DRX and DWG each had a win against each other in the regular season, and there’s no better way to settle a tie than with a championship on the line.

Who will win

DRX won the first matchup in the summer split with both teams looking fairly even at the time. DRX had an unlikely comeback in game one and a convincing win in game three. They have stayed fairly consistent in their playstyle as a high-risk, high-reward drafting team that keeps the enemy guessing.

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Fast-forward only three weeks later to their next match-up during the summer split and DWG looked completely dominant. I’m not sure what happened during that small window of time, but something clicked. Needless to say, DWG kept up that pace and earned their number one spot.

It’s going to take a high level of creativity and a little bit of luck for DRX to pull this one off. Luckily, they are coming off some amazing games by Jeong “Chovy” Ji-hoon and can win if their team is playing at their very best behind him.

So, it all comes down to the simple fact that Damwon Gaming is really, really good. They are an overall complete team that owns the Rift. Alongside Top Esports of the LPL, they are seen as the team to beat heading into Worlds. We expect DWG to stay in top form and win this series 3-1. Above all else, you can expect to see some champions that aren’t familiar in the current meta, which always makes for some exciting games.

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