LoL: Best Players By Role At MSI 2021

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LoL: Best Players By Role At MSI 2021

With the 2021 Mid-Season Invitational all wrapped up, ESTNN is proud to present the best player per role. Who made it into the all-star team?

The 2021 Mid-Season Invitational was a major success with Riot’s second-biggest tournament crowning RNG as the champions. MSI gives new players the opportunity to showcase their talent to a larger audience, while also allowing veterans the space to prove they still have it on the international stage. Here is ESTNN’s best player per role at MSI.

Top Lane: Li “Xiaohu” Yuan-Hao

RNG's 2021 top laner Li “Xiaohu” Yuan-Hao plays a LoL match at MSI 2021.
Image courtesy of LoL Esports Flickr.

Xiaohu has stepped up to the plate massively this season with the LPL veteran making the transition into the top lane. He was easily one of the best top laners in the Spring Split this season so it was to no surprise to see him dominating also at MSI. Xiaohu is an extremely versatile player, as showcased by the champions he played throughout the tournament. RNG’s coaching staff had the faith to put Xiaohu onto lane dominant champions such as Jayce and Lucian, while also giving him team fighting champions such as Gragas. Xiaohu now returns home with his second MSI title and follows on the legacy of world-class players winning international events after swapping to a new role.

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Jungle: Yan “Wei” Yang-Wei

RNG's 2021 jungler Yan “Wei” Yang-Wei sits on a couch and points intimidatingly at the camera.
Image courtesy of Inven Global via Riot Games.

From hard-carrying on eStar to winning an international championship in his first event. Wei is destined for greatness and was the best jungler by a wide margin at the 2021 Mid-Season Invitational. While many junglers failed to adapt to the Morgana and Rumble meta, Wei thrived in it. On Morgana, Wei boasted an impressive 71% win rate, along with a 66% win rate on Rumble across 13 games. Wei dominated the most on Rumble with the LPL jungler having a monstrous 8.7 KDA.

Mid Lane: Heo “Showmaker” Su

DAMWON KIA's mid laner Heo “Showmaker” Su sits on the MSI 2021 stage with his teammates at their PCs and his coach standing next to him.
Image courtesy of LoL Esports via Twitter.

It was misery for Showmaker and the rest of DAMWON KIA as the LCK side failed to continue their international success against RNG in the Grand Final. Despite that, Showmaker has proven why he is arguably the best player in the world right now as he was constantly putting DAMWON on his back this tournament. If Xiaohu’s cameo in the mid-lane is taken out of the equation, then Showmaker tops the chart in most stat categories. The LCK star is first in the KDA leaderboard at 6.8, has a gold difference at fifteen minutes of +219, an experience difference at ten minutes of +112, and finally, a damage per minute stat of 570.

ADC: Chen “GALA” Wei

RNG Chen “Gala” Wei sits next to a coach and listens to someone else off-shot.
Image courtesy of RNG on Twitter.

Coming into this year, GALA was given the daunting task of filling the legendary Uzi’s shoes. GALA did that and then some as the rising star ADC had monstrous performances in both the Spring Split and at the Mid-Seasonal Invitational. GALA was amongst the top two players in the majority of categories amongst bottom laners at MSI. The stats speak for themselves, so here is how GALA ranked amongst his laners at the event:

  • KDA: 5.7 (2nd)
  • Gold difference at ten minutes: 364 (1st)
  • Experience difference at ten minutes: 176 (tied for first)
  • Creep score difference at ten minutes: 11.5 (1st)
  • Damage per minute: 573 (1st)
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Support: Shi “Ming” Sen-Ming

RNG's 2021 support Shi “Ming” Sen-Ming smiles happily at his PC during an MSI 2021 match.
Image courtesy of LoL Esports Flickr.

The fourth RNG player to make the list on this all-star lineup is veteran support player Ming. Ming had an outstanding performance and was by far the best support at the tournament. Ning was known for his effective roams, and these were often executed on an engage champion such as Nautilus. Ming played the champion ten times, boasting a 90% win rate and a 4.4 KDA. While Ming has often opted into playing tankier champions that can engage, Ming’s playstyle has never been a detriment to GALA, who has shown he can handle playing the lane 1v2. With the departure of Uzi, Ming has been able to adapt his game as he now plays more towards the entire team and not just towards the bottom lane.

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