LoL: Astralis signs Dajor, completes roster for 2022

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LoL: Astralis signs Dajor, completes roster for 2022

After signing Kobbe for the AD Carry position, the Danish org got their hands on an up and coming midlaner.

LEC rostermania continues, this time Astralis had another announcement to make. The Danish organization, which bought the spot of Origen ahead of the 2021 season finalized it’s roster for the upcoming split by adding German midlaner Oliver “Dajor” Ryppa to the team. Dajor played for Fnatic Rising for the past few months, winning the NLC Summer Group B and coming in second in the playoffs.

Selecting the best

Astralis has been holding tryouts for some time now to select the best candidates to replace MagiFelix and Jeskla. The ADC position has been filled by Misfits’ former Marksman Kobbe, and the Fnatic Rising star has been chosen to be the centermost piece on the Rift. Overall, Astralis is really happy with the young German; who also made it to the European Masters finals at the end of summer after being in Fnatic’s Academy team for only four months. Astralis praised Dajor’s flexibility and adaptability in the announcement. As well as stating he had outstanding performances during tryouts, and had instant synergy with the rest of the team.

Baltat “AoD” Alin-Ciprian said that Dajor is already an integral part of the Astralis family and he can grow into the next big name of European League of Legends. Dajor is very excited to play in the LEC, he still can’t believe he’s going to play against the best midlaners in EU. He is hungry, wants to prove himself, which he can; after January 14, when the 2022 LEC Spring Split starts!

LoL: Astralis signs Dajor, completes roster for 2022
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