LoL Arena Best Champions to Knock Your Enemies Out of the Zone with

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LoL Arena Best Champions to Knock Your Enemies Out of the Zone with

LoL Arena Best Champions to Knock Your Enemies Out of the Zone offer a unique strategy to climb to the top of the ranks of the new game mode!

League of Legends’ newest game mode, Arena is quickly becoming a fan favourite. After hitting the live servers, most of the community switched over from the other modes to the new 2v2v2v2 brawl, trying to come up with some of the best champion combos to climb to the top of the ranks. Riot Games even had to issue a micropatch to address the strongest champions and items – while buffing some of the weaker ones to give everyone a fair chance to reach Gladiator rank.

As strategies emerge, strong bruisers and recently ADC’s are dominating the Arena meta, thanks to their strong duelling potential, tankiness for fighters and being able to kite for Marksmen. But some more unique tactics have started to pop up, such as the “Zoo Strategy” of picking champions like Ivern and Annie who can summon some helpers in order to make a 2v2 into a 4v2 for your team.

But some players have figured out that you don’t have to beat your opponents, you can make the shrinking zone do it for you. Arena has a zone-mechanic akin to popular Battle Royale games such as Fortnite, Apex Legends and Call of Duty Warzone: as times passes, the playing field starts to decrease as flames engulf the Arena, dealing damage to everyone outside the circle, which kills champions fairly quickly. Knocking your opponents outside of the safe zone is a completely valid tactic, but which are the most effective characters to exploit this feature?

LoL Arena Best Champions to Knock Your Enemies Out

Lee Sin

LoL Arena Best Champions to Knock Your Enemies Lee Sin

Remember when I said that bruisers are strong at the moment? Lee Sin can be built like a bruiser as well as an assassin with going either the Goredrinker or the Duskblade of Draktharr route. For the knockout strategy, I’d suggest going for the tankier items to survive long enough for the zone to close in. After the playing field almost disappeared, you can just roundhouse kick your enemies into the flames with Dragon’s Rage, slowing them if you hit them with Tempest/Cripple before. If they make it back alive, you can still give them a good beating!

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Singed is one of the best champions to take this strategy to the extreme. The Mad Scientist’s E ability, Fling, is a fairly low cooldown skill that let’s you displace your enemies far out of the safe zone. Pair that with his W snare and the slow he gets from Rylai’s Crystal Scepter, and Singed becomes one of the most annoying champions to face after the zone starts to close.

LoL Arena Best Champions to Knock Your Enemies Singed

If you try to shut him down early in the round, you’ll run into problems too: Singed is notoriously hard to catch, especially after Rylai’s thanks to his Q and R, so by the time you catch up to him, there might not even be a safe zone left – truly a master of his craft.


LoL Arena Best Champions to Knock Your Enemies Gragas

Gragas can be played like Singed, waiting for the right time to strike with his E knockback and most importantly, his Ultimates giant CC. What makes Gragas a bit more flexible than Singed is that the Rabble Rouser can also put up a good fight thanks to his low cooldowns and his sustain and can be built in many ways to accommodate for the opponents in the match. If for some reason you can’t deal with your enemies, Explosive Cask’s huge knockback will surely seal the deal!


LoL Arena Best Champions to Knock Your Enemies Alistar

Mess with the bull, you get the horns! While Alistar doesn’t have much damage to win Arena matches the traditional way, he can provide support for his ally – or make his enemies lives miserable by knocking them into the fiery pits of hell. Alistar is easily one of the best contenders to surviving until the flames engulf the Arena, as his ultimate makes him virtually unkillable while also cleansing him of Crowd Control. While he really doesn’t have that much damage, enemies that underestimate the Minotaur can be surprised, as with the right items (such as Sunfire Aegis and Jak’Sho, the Protean) he can chip away at the health of his opponents, so the zone kills them more easily.


Taliyah doesn’t have that big of a knocback with her W, but she has some other tools that push her to the next level: combining Seismic Shove with Unraveled Earth, her E can lock someone down for a fair amount of time, and her E is a strong zoning tool and counter to all the exploding plants around the map.

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LoL Arena Best Champions to Knock Your Enemies Taliyah

These two abilities can be very strong against the right opponents in the right Arenas, but she has another great tool in her belt: her ultimate, Weaver’s Wall. This ability can help you deny enemy champions from healing plants, and if you wait for the right time and find the right angle, it can close them out from the safe zone after the flame circle closes in. While she’s not that straightforward as the champions mentioned before her, Taliyah can be worthy pick if your going for this strategy.


Up until this point, we looked at some of the best champions to knock your opponents out of the playing field and into the fires of the Arena. However, none does it better than the Keeper of the Hammer, Poppy.

LoL Arena Best Champions to Knock Your Enemies Poppy

Poppy has two abilities that can shove your enemies out of the safe zone: Heroic Charge, her E makes your travel with your target, but if used right, it can spell their doom – even before the circle closes in, as it stuns the enemy if you knock them into a wall, letting you unleash your full combo onto them. But where her true power lies is her ultimate, Keeper’s Verdict. This ability knocks enemies towards their Fountain in Summoner’s Rift, but in Arenas, it knocks them towards their starting point of each match, which is usually at one edge of the Arena. The circle closes in towards the middle of the map, so if you can land your fully charged ult on an enemy, you can just knock them to the edge, where they will burn to ashes as they won’t be able to make it back to the middle.

And there you have it! These are all the best champions that you can surprise your enemies with by making the most use out of the zone. Don’t forget to check out our other League of Legends articles to become proficient in the newest game mode, Arena!

LoL Arena Best Champions to Knock Your Enemies Out of the Zone with
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