League of Legends: Top 5 Best Duos for Arena

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League of Legends: Top 5 Best Duos for Arena

Dominate the 2v2v2v2 lobby with the strongest champion duos in 14.9. Here are the best duos for Arena, the newest game mode for League of Legends.

Arena is finally out on the live servers, and tons of new and old League players alike have made their return to the game to try it out. With a wide array of item builds and augment combinations, Riot has given the LoL experience a breath of fresh air by cutting out the minion filler and just throwing players straight into the action.

The latest spin on the highly-popular MOBA lets you build your character as strong as possible as fast as possible. Wherein normal Summoner's Rift gameplay focuses on long-term strategy and map control, Arena gives you the same high of winning in the late-game of a 5v5 in half the time. All things considered, you actually have more room to practice your favorite champs at their power spikes than in SR.

LoL has a lot of champions right now (over 160 and counting), so it can be a little overwhelming to work out who's the best. So, in this list, we'll go over those names and duos that you can use (and abuse) to dominate the Arena.

Without further ado, here are the toughest champ compositions to beat in Arena.

The Best Duos for Arena

Teemo + Shaco

Best Duos in Arena

Fair disclaimer: rolling with this comp may call your basic human decency into question.

Start your very own plague in the midgame with Teemo & Shaco, an Arena comp that's guaranteed to have the other 3 pairs in the lobby watch where they step. Imagine boobytrapping the center of the map with dozens of shrooms and Jack-in-the-Boxes, watching the enemy team's HP tick down from poison-driven panic as the circle slowly closes in.

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This particularly devilish duo absolutely kills it in the Shurima/Noxus maps. Moreover, the game mode's near-broken Augments for ability haste and ability power can dial up an enchanter's kill potential to 11 (sometimes without you even having to lift a finger), so make the most out of this fun Arena comp before the developers eventually reign it in!

Taric + Warwick

Best Duos in Arena

A sustain powerhouse (and a personal favorite).

Due to recent nerfs done to Taric's shielding in the latest Arena micropatch, the Yi+Taric tandem has become less effective. That's why we're now matching the Shield of Valoran with one of League's goodest boys, Warwick!

This abominable slight against nature and everything holy can fear nearby enemies, disable a single prio champ and subsequently shred said target while regaining a massive amount of HP through his Eternal Hunger passive. All of these skills already makes the Wrath of Zaun very self-sufficient, but throw in shield and heal spams from a Taric, and you've got a near-indestructible werewolf killing machine.

Sett + Vayne

Best Duos in Arena

Next up, we have the hardest champ to kill paired up with who's arguably the most dangerous ADC in Arena right now.

Vayne's insane AD output can be absolutely broken when you get the perfect set of augments. Additionally, her knockback stun and invisibility makes her a strong pick for any winning composition. Run her with Kraken Slayer and Ginsoo's to maximize her crit potential early on while relying on Sett's Facebreaker and Showstopper for peel.

Keep in mind that this build will require smart positioning since you'll be required to kite high-impact tank picks almost every match. That said, always pick ability power and mobility augments on Vayne, and definitely try to ban this comp in higher tiers of play.

Rengar + Ivern

Best Duos in Arena

Extremely fun to play as, and incredibly frustrating to play against.

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The synergy between Rengar and Ivern allows the duo to proc the former's passive in order to quickly build up stacks. As a result, this lets Rengar perform at his fullest damage potential almost throughout the game (his empowered W also acts as a cleanse). That said, this team-up is potent albeit highly dependent on how much shrubbery there is on the map.

Both Rengar and Ivern also possess skills that shine in skirmishes out in the open. Tigerseed is a solid buff that synergizes well with Rengar's playstyle and slows nearby prey, while Daisy's splash damage can whittle enemies down before Rengar pops his ult. It also doesn't hurt that both of them have good crowd control skills in case the other gets into trouble.

Kog'Maw + Lulu

Best Duos in Arena

Rounding out our list is an el Classico tandem.

Kog'Maw & Lulu's botside duo focuses on pokes, polymorph and slows, all of which are highly dangerous inside Arena. Moreover, armor melts and additional magic damage from Lulu's pixie barely even touches on what Pog'Maw can do in the right circumstances.

Firstly, its Q removes an enemy's magic resist, making Lulu's disables more effective. Next, Kog's W is the perfect ADC ability to use against annoying AP tanks like Nasus or Mordekaiser. And on top of that, the Mouth of the Void's ult deals more damage when your opponents are low on health. And that's not even mentioning how Kog'Maw can finish multiple enemies off with even after it dies.

On the whole, League's Arena meta is still evolving after its first day out of the PBE, and we can't wait to see future updates on what everyone's saying is the most fun they've had on the Riot MOBA in a very long time.

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League of Legends: Top 5 Best Duos for Arena
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