LoL Arena Best and Worst Winrate Champions

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LoL Arena Best and Worst Winrate Champions

LoL Arena Best and Worst Winrate Champions show which champions you can get to Gladiator first – and which one to avoid if you want to boost your chances.

League of Legends’ new game mode, Arena has taken the game by storm. Many players have claimed that they quit Summoner’s Rift in favour of the new 2v2v2v2 mode, and that it’s the best thing to happen to LoL for years. Others have bashed Riot because of the imbalance between champions and strategies. Overall, however, 2v2v2v2 is a great casual mode, which brought some new life into the most popular MOBA on the planet.

The community is ever in pursuit of the best champions in the mode, with some swearing by characters who can use pets, some picking bruisers, and some just knocking out their adversaries from the zone which shrinks as the rounds go on. But which are the best and worst champions in Arena by the numbers – in other words, who should you play if you want to maximize your chances to win, and who should you avoid according to stats site Metasrc.

LoL Arena Best and Worst Winrate Champions

The Best

First, let’s look at the champions that have the highest winrates in the mode – and let’s try and find answers for their strength. These are the picks that see the most success in Arena:

  • Taric – 65.17%
  • Cassiopeia – 64.84%
  • Kennen – 64.44%
  • Vayne – 62.41%
  • Annie – 61.79%
  • Fiora – 61.61%
  • Kindred – 61.39%
  • Yorick – 61%
  • Corki – 60.86%
  • Heimerdinger – 60.45%

These are the 10 strongest champions in the new 2v2v2v2 mode just by their winrates. Taric is among the best of the best, thanks to his ability to constantly heal his ally, give him extra tankiness and extra CC, while also making them flat-out invulnerable. A bit lower down the list, but Kindred works the same way, as Lamb’s Respite lets you escape certain death. Both champions can survive in the flames that engulf the battlefield after a while, and while Kindred also helps your opponents, you have great duelling potential, so you might not need to resort to these types of strategies.

LoL Arena Best and Worst Winrate Champions Taric

The likes of Vayne, Cassiopeia and Fiora achieve this winrate thanks to their kit’s specialized in duelling: all three of these champions can make short work of one target while keeping another one at bay, and with the help of an ally (preferably a Taric), they can become even more efficient. They also scale incredibly well while having an okay early game as well. These picks can also win the 1v2 after your ally have been defeated, it’s all just a matter of skill. And without the distractions of Summoner’s Rift, you can focus on your micro and become unstoppable!

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Kennen, Fiora and Corki are trying to focus on blowing up the enemy squad (although Corki could be categorized with Vayne, Cassio and Fiora). Scaling is not an issue for them, and they have some abilities which can instantly turn the tide of battle – or just win it before it starts. Annie with Summon Tibbers, Corki with The Package and especially Kennen with Slicing Maelstrom can shut enemy advances down, lock them in place while you and your ally unload your whole combo on them. Even if you don’t pair these picks up with a heavy-CC champions to keep them in your damage, they can do exceptionally well.

Last, but certainly not least there are those champions who just make an uneven playing field through numbers. While Annie can summon Tibbers, Heimerdinger’s turrets and Yorick’s Maiden take this strategy on the next level. If you focus Yorick, the Maiden will take you down, and if you focus the Maiden, Yorick will kill you. Heimerdinger just makes it impossible to have a fair fight, as he just runs away, putting down turrets and throwing rockets and grenades at you. The counter to these champions would be to shut them down early so you avoid the zone, but it just seems a tad bit too difficult.

LoL Arena Best and Worst Winrate Champions Yorick

The Worst

The best of the best are surely a tough fight, even more so when you pick these 10 champions. The following picks are the worst performing characters in Arena – let’s take a look, then try to figure out the cause:

  • Akali – 35.92%
  • K’Sante – 35.68%
  • Evelynn – 35.39%
  • Akshan – 34.14%
  • Tryndamere – 34.03%
  • Sion – 32.52%
  • Katarina – 31.29%
  • Rammus – 31.19%
  • Blitzcrank – 30.48%
  • Bard – 28.90%

With a whopping 28.90% win rate, Bard is the worst champion in the new game mode currently. The Wandering Caretaker is not a very popular pick in Summoner’s Rift, but his mobility, his damage provided by his chimes and his ability to shut turrets down makes him a niche pick that can work wonders in the right situation. Taking away Turrets and playing on a small map with almost no way to get chimes guts him completely – hopefully Riot Games can come up with a solution for him.

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LoL Arena Best and Worst Winrate Champions Bard

Rammus, Blitzcrank and Sion suffer from a somewhat similar issue. These champions are very good at one specific aspect of the game in the normal circumstances, as Sion takes turrets very fast, Rammus countering AA and AD champions, while Blitzcrank can make plays like no other. But in a purely combat based mode, they provide little value, as Sion can’t even ult properly, Rammus can be taken down by focused fire from AP champs that run rampant, and Blitz just stands there after unleashing his full combo.

LoL Arena Best and Worst Winrate Champions Rammus

Among the 10 worst picks are some that can’t really use their whole pick, even though they don’t rely on them completely in the 5v5 modes. Evelynn an Akshan can’t stealth in such a small map, and Akshan can’t rely on reviving his ally. Moreover, his grappling hook is not really designed for these kind of map layouts.

Picks like Katarina, Tryndamere and Akali need the chaos of Summoner’s Rift teamfights in order to realize their full potential, as Akali’s stealth is not as useful – just like Eve and Akshan – and she can be focused down, Katarina spends a very long time standing around with two enemies instantly collapsing upon her if she ults, and you can just run away from Tryndamere, who cannot keep up with enemies even when paired with a good support.

Then there’s K’Sante, who has an abysmal winrate in SR, and can’t really scale as well as other tanks. While his ability to separate teammates from each other should put him high on the list, the walls in Arena are rarely long, so his ult is not as potent as it would first seem like – and the other aspects of the champion are lacking as well after so many nerfs.

These disparities were expected for Arena, as League of Legends is balanced around 5v5, more specifically Summoner’s Rift. While ARAM has separate balance which works well, it will take the balance team some time to get the hang of a completely new mode with new challenges. The worst 10 champions win rates are truly abysmal, but I don’t think that Riot Games won’t pay special attention to Arena after the positive feedback it received, and with their intention to make it a permanent gamemode – which we would love!

LoL Arena Best and Worst Winrate Champions
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