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David Hollingsworth
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LoL: 100 Thieves Signs Schalke 04 Mid Laner Abbedagge

Pro LoL player Felix “ Abbedagge” Braun stands with a 100 Thieves jersey on with the words "Welcome Abbedagge" next to him.
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100 Thieves continue to make moves in the mid-season break as they sign Felix “ Abbedagge” Braun from Schalke 04.

After replacing their coach for the 2021 Summer Split, 100 Thieves have kept up their signing momentum as they look to improve their roster. Late last week 100 Thieves confirmed the signing of new  Head Coach Bok “Reapered” Han-gyu, formerly of SK and Cloud9.

Abbedagge has spent his career across Europe and Turkey, spending the last two and a half years with Schalke 04. Abbedagge has been a key figure at Schalke 04, especially in their recent run in the LEC Spring Split playoffs.

He’ll be replaced at Schalke 04 by academy mid laner Llias “Nuclearing” Bizriken.

Schalke 04 looks to youth

Speaking about the news Schalke 04 Managing Director Tim Reichert had this to say:

“Obviously the offer 100 Thieves made to us about the buyout was just good. It was a good offer. For everyone familiar with Schalke 04 and our football we always develop our players from our academy. We will miss Felix as a player and as a person a lot. It was a tough decision, but in the end, it is in the best interest of the organization and we will find solutions as we always did so far.”

He goes on to say that this is something the football team has done, and something the LEC side has always tried to achieve.

As a result of the change, and given their philosophy of promoting youth, Schalke 04 has promoted academy mid laner Nuclearing to the starting mid laner role for Summer Split. Schalke 04 believed that “another reason we could accept this deal [for Abbedagge] was that we believe we have the best mid laner in the ERL”.

Schalke 04 is still aiming to go to Worlds in 2021 and they feel this change doesn’t negatively affect that plan.

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