LoL: 100 Thieves Sign Reapered As LCS Head Coach

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LoL: 100 Thieves Sign Reapered As LCS Head Coach

With the season only just finished, the first major move of the LCS has 100 Thieves signing a new coach.

Bok “Reapered” Han-gyu has been brought into the organization to replace the departing Anthony “Zikz” Gray. Zikz leaves after joining the organization back in November 2019. Repared joins 100 Thieves having previously been a part of T1, Jin Air, Edward Gaming, and most recently spending four years with Cloud9.

100 Thieves has a goal of reaching Worlds 2021. With Repeared, they’ve got a coach who’s won titles and done so in the LCS. His Cloud9 team saw success in Spring 2020, though a poor showing in the 2020 Summer Split saw his side fail to go to Worlds, and ultimately lead to his demise. He has taken an LCS side to Worlds, back at Worlds 2019 his C9 squad gave a good showing but failed to make it out of their group which featured G2 Esports and Griffin.

As for 100 Thieves, they’ve had mixed success in the LCS. Most recently they ended the regular season in 4th place and equally ended the Mid-Season Showdown in 4th after losing to TSM. 100 Thieves started life in perfect fashion, finishing their 2018 Spring Split in 1st place. They’d go on to lose to Team Liquid in the Grand Final, which is the closest they’d come to success.

100 Thieves look to success in Summer Split

100 Thieves kept up the momentum into the 2018 Summer Split, however, they finished 4th and had a poor showing at Worlds. They failed to make Worlds since, and 2021 is seen as a make or break one for the organization. Repeared will certainly bring the roster an air of quality from the top, and he brings a wealth of experience, especially with his time at Cloud9. If Repeared brings his side to Worlds in 2021 they could be in a solid position to succeed.

In the above video, it looks like we’ll see more changes in the coming weeks. With at least one roster move expected to be announced sooner rather than later. With the current global situation, it’d be best for 100 Thieves to get their business done as soon as possible. There are likely going to be VISA issues before Spring Split.

Stay tuned for more LCS roster updates here at ESTNN.

LoL: 100 Thieves Sign Reapered As LCS Head Coach
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