Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth Money Farm

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Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth Money Farm

Looking for a Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth Money Farm? We teach you everything you need to achieve Infinite Wealth.

Ichiban, Kiryu, and co are running roughshot all over Honolulu and Yokohama to be Like a Dragon and gain infinite wealth! Well, both the former Yakuza are known to be the most benevolent people in gaming and certainly don't care about the money. But you as the player will.

Infinite Wealth's economy is rough, great equipment will set you back a pretty penny and then some. So we compiled a bunch of ways you can make money in Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth.

Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth Money Farm

Making money in Infinite Wealth isn't that hard but it is not as straightforward as it was in Like a Dragon 7. The big special mode, the Dondoko Island takes a lot of hours to be profitable and even then you'll need to put in some considerable work to keep it going. There are better alternatives out there but the Dondoko Island is your safest bet to hit it big.

Dondoko Island

Let's start with the big one first. The Dondoko Island is Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth's take on Harvest Moon, Animal Crossing, and Boku no Natsuyasumi. During Ichiban's Island adventures, he can earn a currency called Dodobucks which can be converted into dollars by talking to a dolphin.

The Minigame is so involved that we made an entirely separate guide over here but we keep it brief if you just care about the money. Travel over to the Farm and pick up all the stuff on the ground and catch all the bugs. Here you'll find some of the more valuable ones which will rack up a hefty sum of cash.

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You also earn a lot of money by completing the various milestones and catering to tourists, but that's a lot of effort but is good money and consistent once you hit the end.

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Beating up Strangers

A very reliable way to make money, even if it's not a lot is by beating up randos on the street. Especially lower level grunts can be steamrolled by using the new smackdown feature. You also rack up a serious amount of cast by doing the Labyrinth dungeons, and normal dungeons, and fighting the story bosses. It shouldn't be your main hustle but it is a good way to make money while leveling.

You also get into some fights that pay out big time by completing the various substories you'll find scattered around town.

Sujimon Battles

Another great way to make some money is to participate in the various Sujimon fights you find scattered around Like a Dragon Infinite Wealths overworld. Challenge other trainers to become the very best like no one ever was, level up your Sujimon, and make a good stack of money.

Just Gamble

Every Like a Dragon veteran knows if you want to make the really, really big bucks. you need to get into gambling. You can find gambling halls in Honolulu City and Waikiki Street, they're a little hidden away but well worth your time.

Gambling can easily snowball your fortune into infinite wealth if you know how to manipulate RNG thanks to handy trinkets. You can then exchange all the chips you earn for Platinum Plates and sell them at the nearest pawnshop.

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You can also make good money at the Pawnshop. Throughout your adventure, you'll pick up a bunch of stuff, ranging from special pieces of equipment to all sorts of curiosities. You can pawn most of them off at the Pawnshop and you should. Old pieces of equipment hold little to no value and should be reinvested into better ones.

Saving money

We know, everyone in this space is a big gamer but sometimes you get jumped in Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth, and it's just tragic. One moment you were flying high, the next some guy wrapped in a sleeping bag beat you up and stole a hefty chunk of your cash. Don't be like us!

There are ATMs everywhere and if you don't plan to go on a shopping spree, you should put as much money as possible in there. You can always keep some in your pocket to stock up on consumables or hit up the next restaurant, but carry your money responsibly. Losing thousands just because you turned the wrong corner is heartbreaking and avoidable!

And that's all we got on how to make money in Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth, for more on the game you can check out our guides to the Dondoko Island mode, how to farm EXP, and how to unlock all the jobs.

Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth Money Farm
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