Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth Dondoko Island Guide

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Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth Dondoko Island Guide

Learn everything you need ot know about Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth Dondoko Island. How to get it, how to level it up and what to look out for.

Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth is RGG Studio's biggest launch ever. While we don't have any concrete numbers yet, the quality of Infinite Wealth, Ichiban's latest adventure speaks for itself. Its easily one of the greatest full package's in gaming. Featuring all sorts of content, a gripping story and one of the best iterations of turn based combat yet.

One of the honestly way to expansive for their own good features is the Dondoko Island which lets Ichiban explore and build an Island into a 5-star resort. Its a huge mode that will later turn into a great way to earn cash once you start tackling the endgame challenges. So we compiled a short, comprehensive guide for everything you need to know.

Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth Dondoko Island Guide

You unlock the Dondoko Island through the main story. Simply play the game up until act 6, where you'll be introduced to the Island and the people who reside there. After a frankly extensive tutorial which covers all the basics you'll be able to explore and build out the island at your leisure.

Raising Satisfaction

Statisfaction is one of the main things you'll have to deal with on Dondoko Island. Its mainly raised by placing any sort of furniture on the island itself, decorative or not. The heavy hitters are of course the various buildings you can build at the DIY station which also come with the benefit of making you money once some tourists arrive.

Placing furniture in Kasuga's home will increase the homeliness of his home which will in turn increase his day to day health. Smaller items with a huge Satisfaction rating such as the Piano are heavily recommended.

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Raising Popularity

Popularity is another value you need to raise in order to progress through the star rankings. Popularity is mainly raised by completing the Dokopedia entires which is done by catching bugs, collecting rare curiosities, foraging mushrooms and veggies or catching fish.

As a rule of thumb, you just want to collect everything you see. There are multiplisiers once you collect 10, 100 and 1000 of something which are worth going after.

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Building Talent Leveling

Building Talent is leveled by making things at the DIY station. You get the most experience points by making things you haven't made before. Leveling up your Building Talent will give you access to even more DIY crafts and help you meet the requirements for clearing out the various zones.

Clearing Out

Clearing out the various spaces on Dondoko Island takes time and lots of money. Once you start clearing out the trash, you'll increase the rank of the zone you're clearly out. Vastly reducing the cost of clearing out the plot entirely. You can easily get an entire rank a day, so its worth putting it off for a few days in save some money.

Upgrading Equipment

Upgrading your equipment is mostly done through the handyman by giving him lots of casts. These upgrades with mostly increase the speed at which you can use the equipment. Upgrading the bat should be your priority at first with the harpoon soon after. The budnet is already incredibly useful the moment you get it and not worth upgrading until you have the Dodobucks to spare.

Collection Point

Once you start clearing out the various sections of your island, you gain access to the collection point which will give you a daily pouring of raw crafting materials. You can increase your experience gains by buying and placing woodworking and stoneworking stations or garbage collection points. Later on you'll even be able to put up gardening plots and chicken coops to gain additional resources.

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Image: Sega/RGG Studio

Dondoko Farm

Once you reach the 2-star rating, you'll gain access to the Dondoko Farm which allows you to train and employ your Sujimon. You can put them up to work at the workshop for more money, grow veggies you can sell, or have them work at the recycling center to earn resources.

On the Dondoko Farm you'll also find a variety of rare collectibles, especially bugs and curiosities which will sell for a bunch of Dodobucks. Don't sleep on this.

Hosting Guests

Once you reach the 1-star resort, you'll be able to host guests on your island. They will stay for up to 3 days and you have to do everything in your power to keep them staying. It's worth keeping an eye on their expectations and you should try and meet at least 3 of them to guarantee that they'll stick around.

You can bribe them with gifts, the effectiveness is based on the 1-5 ranking each item has. They will also have demands for the vibe of your island and the rank of their lodging. The vibe of your island is dependent on the types of furniture you place. Genuinely it's enough to create an even spread across all themes for those.

To get even more guests, make sure to run around Honolulu whenever you're out and about and talk to the people marked with a bright blue dot on the map. You can often invite them to stay at your island once you meet their requirements.

And that is all you need to know about Dondoko Island in Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth. For more on the latest installment in the RGG franchise, check out our guides on How to Make Money, All the Jobs and what you can to do optimize your EXP gain.

Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth Dondoko Island Guide
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