Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth EXP Farm Guide

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Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth EXP Farm Guide

Here is how you get Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth EXP Farm like there is no tomorrow. Learn everything you need to know about leveling in Ichiban's newest adventure.

The switch from Action RPG to just RPG in Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth might not be to everyone's liking but after learning all the lessons from Like a Dragon 7, Infinite Wealth is one of the best to ever do it. Who would've thought that Dragon Quest but everyone is over 30 and half of the cast are either in or past a midlife crisis would work out? But it does.

So if you're looking to conquer the streets of Honolulu or Yokohama once more, we have everything you need to know about EXP, leveling, and what to look out for.

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Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth EXP Farm

Leveling is all you gonna do in Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth, it's one of the main ways to get your party stronger and you'll have several characters and different jobs to choose from. There are many ways to approach leveling in LaD Infinite Wealth, be it by just exploring the open world or taking shortcuts. Everything is possible, everything is valid.

Accessories Galore

Relatively early in the game, you're gonna find various accessories such as the Yakuza Training Gear or the Ankle Weights which will boost your EXP gain by a ton. We don't recommend using those when you're pressing the main story though, as they reduce your HP and or MP significantly. That doesn't mean shouldn't wear them while exploring the overworld.

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Raids & Mini-Bosses

Both Honolulu and Yokohama hide all sorts of weirdos and extremely strong enemies around every corner. The Raids are one of the more bizarre activities that will have you face off against groups of enemies that you can respawn at will.

While exploring you'll also find Mini Bosses scattered all across the map, marked by the crown over their head. We recommend going after them, even if the ones with the purple dot over their head might make quick work of you.

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Explore the Labyrinth

A new feature in Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth is the Labyrinth, one in Honolulu and the other in Yokohama. For each party respectively. It's a randomly generated dungeon similar to the dungeon crawlers of old and features some of the toughest enemies you'll ever encounter.

The deeper you venture, the more dangerous it gets. But its well worth the effort. You'll be able to gain massive EXP, see some of the rares Sujimon, and find treasures such as weapons, accessories, and valuables that'll help you on your journey.

And who knows, in the end, you might find an old friend waiting for you.

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Level Boosters

Yes, you can earn level boosters in Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth through various means. The most common ones are the straight-up Level Boosters you can get as a reward for participating in the Crazy Delivery minigame. You can then go on to exchange those points for Level Boosters that'll just skip a level.

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If you got the mini-game down, it can be a great alternative once you get past levels 40-50 because completing the mini-game once for enough points will only set you back a couple of minutes. It's a great alternative to the Labyrinth in Endgame, we just hope you don't mind grinding the minigame for hours and hours on end.

There are similar rewards to level up the ranks of your Jobs as well. Some boost specific jobs but you can also find magazines all around town in magazine stands that will give you smaller and bigger EXP boosts.

And that is all we have on how to farm EXP in Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth. For more on RGG's latest game, check out our other guides such as what to do on the Dondoko Island, How to Farm Money, and How to Unlock all the jobs.

Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth EXP Farm Guide
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