Lightyear Frontier How to Free All Regions

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Lightyear Frontier How to Free All Regions

One of your core tasks in Lightyear Frontier is to clear the land of its corruption. We’ll teach you here how to clean up all the Regions in the game.

While Lightyear Frontier is on the more relaxed side of gaming, you still have an objective to tackle. Namely getting rid of those odd splurges of toxic waste and sickly flowing plants that dot each of the game's regions. These are your first major progression blockers and serve as a means for you to progress even further.

Here is a handy little guide on how to do that and what you need to look out for when doing so.

Lightyear Frontier How to Free All Regions

Freeing all the regions in Lightyear Frontier is tied to the upgrade path of your mech and it's essential if you want to unlock the later builds and materials in the game. The first few regions are relatively easy to clear out, later ones require you to tackle them with new upgrades to your character.

Freeing these regions will give you access and the opportunity to get more materials which also require additional upgrades to your Spike Saw. You’ll soon notice that it simply never ends. But it gives you something to work towards and you have relative liberty when it comes to the order in which you want to tackle these.

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There are 8 regions, 6 of which you have to clear out to unlock the final region. Here is a quick rundown of all the regions as well as the requirements for clearing them out:

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  • The Meadows: Already Freed
  • Pine Heights: Irrigation Hose, Vacuum Harvester
  • Edge Cliffs: Irrigation Hose, Vacuum Harvester
  • Stepstone Peak: Irrigation Hose Power I, Vacuum Harvester
  • Yellow Forest: Irrigation Hose, Vacuum Harvester Power I
  • Mountainside Coast: Irrigation House Power II, Vacuum Harvester
  • Lowland Plains: Default Irrigation Hose, Vacuum Harvester Power II
  • Tornado Rock Isle: Thruster Boost required to reach.
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Since resources between all regions are somewhat evenly dispersed between the different ‘tiers’ of regions, you can go after them however you like.

Clearing them out is as easy as bringing the right tools for the job. The pools of sludge are easily blasted away with water while your increasingly more powerful Vacuum Harvester can now rip out any weeds that get in your way. And once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to free the Island and unlock all its secrets in no time.

And that is all you need to know about freeing the regions in Lightyear Frontier. For more on FRAME BREAKs space adventure, make sure to check out our other guides here on ESTNN

Lightyear Frontier How to Free All Regions
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