Lightyear Frontier How to find Aluminum Rods

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Lightyear Frontier How to find Aluminum Rods

Here we tell you how and where to find Aluminum Rods in Lightyear Frontier. Learn everything you need to know about this valuable resource.

Lightyear Frontier is finally out and you can finally enjoy the simple life of a farmer in space. But you need to start from the ground up to get things going. One of the most invaluable resources you’ll need to progress is the Aluminium Rod.

This is why he has compiled this hand little guide to help you find it as well as what you do with it once you get your fingers on it.

Lightyear Frontier How to find Aluminum Rods

Pretty early on, you are tasked with finding Aluminium Rods to progress further up the upgrade tree. These Rods are an incredibly important resource that you’ll come back to over and over again.

You can mine them with your standard Spike Saw or your P.I.C.K-axe though the former is much faster than the latter. They can be found along rocky outcrops in the Meadows and along Pine Heights which look like this:

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Careful though, they are pretty weighty and you’ll soon fill out your Mech’s cargo capacity after mining just a few. And you’ll need a lot. Aluminum Rods are one of the most important resources in the entire game and almost every step of upgrades, building, and so on will make use of them sooner or later.

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The Aluminum Rod nodes usually respawn every 1-2 days so whenever you make your way past them, make sure to pick up as many as you can carry back to your base. Afterward, it’s only a matter of processing them and making sure to use them wisely. Recommend keeping a stash of Aluminum Rods at all times at your base just in case.

And that's all we have on Aluminum Rods in Lightyear Frontier. For more on FRAME BREAKs space farming sim, keep an eye on ESTNN for more guides and news.

Lightyear Frontier How to find Aluminum Rods
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