Lies of P Walker of Illusions: How to Beat it

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Lies of P Walker of Illusions: How to Beat it

The Lies of P Walker of Illusions boss is an optional boss that you can find in the Collapsing Krat area and, given its nature, you can decide to fight it or not. Despite this, we would like to point out that it won't be an easy fight. Certainly not as difficult as the one against the Green Monster of the Swamp, but still you will have to adopt the right strategy and pay attention to be able to defeat this boss.

How to beat Walker of Illusions

Like most of the battles in Lies of P, the one against the Walker of Illusions also consists of two phases. Although, the second phase is not that different from the first. Once you have learned how to avoid the boss's attacks during the first phase, you will surely be able to overcome the second one too. You will just have to pay attention to its copy which will start attacking you as soon as the boss's health bar has dropped to half.

Phase 1

To best prepare yourself for this fight, keep in mind that this is a very fast enemy to face who will make use of his two swords to attack you. But what makes this clash even more complex is where it takes place. The battle arena, in fact, is a very limited space that does not allow you to keep a particular distance from the Walker of Illusions. Furthermore, even if you manage to put some distance between you and your opponent, this Lies of P boss will make use of his dash attacks to close this distance very quickly.

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Unlike most of the bosses you will face in Lies of P, whether they are related to the main plot or optional, for this fight we will not use the strategy of keeping ourselves at a distance, for the reasons we said before, but we will try to stay as close as possible to the boss possible. Why? Because his melee attacks are much easier to avoid than his dash attacks. If you use this strategy while walking around him, most of his attacks will miss you completely, so you will only have to pay attention to a couple of them.

So, be ready to dodge shots that have a wider radius, so that you don't get hit and don't take damage. Furthermore, the Lies of P Walker of Illusions will also perform attacks that will see him jump to try to create distance, and then land his most dangerous attacks. Our advice, in this case, is to get closer immediately to close the distance between you.

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Phase 2

As soon as the Lies of P Walker of Illusions has lost half its health, it will move towards you to spin and duplicate itself. The copy of him will also have its own life bar, which however, fortunately, will be much shorter. One piece of advice we would like to give you for this second phase is to immediately run towards the boss as soon as you see that he is about to do the animation to duplicate himself. This way, you will have time to land some hits and inflict damage on him.

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Once this is done, run away and wait for the copy of him to approach you to attack you. Fortunately, as long as the copy of him is alive, the original Lies of P Walker of Illusions will be less aggressive and will rarely attack, but that doesn't mean you don't have to worry about him at all. The strategy to use at this point in the battle is to keep an eye on the original boss while you are fighting the copy of him.

Once you have defeated its copy, the Lies of P Walker of Illusions will return to carry out the same attacks we described previously, so continue following the previous strategy until you defeat it. Once defeated, you will receive as a reward, in addition to the Ergo, also a Legion Caliber, and a Dark Moon Moonstone of the Covenant.

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Lies of P Walker of Illusions: How to Beat it
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