Lies of P Update 1.2 Nerfs 4 Bosses

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Lies of P Update 1.2 Nerfs 4 Bosses

Lies of P, the popular fairytale spin on the Souls-like genre just got its newest update.

Lies of P's latest game changes are making 4 bossfights more bearable.

The 1.02 patch was recently released, and it contained balance tweaks to Lies of P's enemy mobs and stagger mechanics, as well as new controller features. But what stood out the most were the HP reductions done to some of its biggest encounters.

Counting both phases of the Simon Manus boss encounter, the new patch made 4 of its most notable bosses weaker by lowering their HP.

Numerous balance changes and other system changes have just hit the live version. On top of that, bugs and other known issues were addressed.

Check out the latest nerf and everything else that was included in the update notes for Lies of P below.

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Lies of P 1.2 Update

A variety of different changes were implemented on the new Souls-like contender, including:

Monster Balance Changes

  • Lower HP for certain mobs
  • Some monsters have weaker stance and received increased stagger frequency
  • Bigger window for staggering normal monster
  • Lowered HP for all Dimensional Butterflies


Monster Reward Adjustments

  • Lower HP for certain mobs
  • Increased the drop rate of Moonstone type items
  • Decreased the drop rate of Star Fragments
  • Increased the drop rate of Ergo items
  • Increased the Ergo rewards of certain monsters that appear after Lorenzini Arcade”
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Lies of P Patch 1.2

Boss Balance Changes

  • ‘Fallen Archbishop Andreus' now has less HP
  • Decreased the HP of ‘King of Puppets' in the first phase
  • Lower HP for ‘Simon Manus, Arm of God'
  • ‘Simon Manus, Awakened God's phase does less damage
  • Easier stance break on ‘Simon Manus, Awakened God'”
  • Specter's HP and damage is now higher


Character Progression Reset Changes

  • Going to the ‘Gold Coin Tree' will let you reset your level, P-Organ, and Legion Arms
  • Characters created post-patch 1.2 will receive 8 Gold Coin Fruits instead of 5 for their first harvest going forward
  • Adjusted the required amount of gold coins to reset the character's level, P-Organ, and Legion Arms


Additional Changes

  • Upgrading your Capacity will let you carry more weight
  • Decreased the weight of Amulets that could be purchased with Boss Ergo
  • Fable arts that consume three or more slots will now let you land your hits more efficiently (includes Fable Arts that stack)
  • ‘Guard Parry' will now break the monster's stance

 PlayStation DUALSHOCK®4 & DualSense (Windows OS)

  • The controller touchpad now opens the menu
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Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug with the Legion Arm ‘Pandemonium II – Acid Charge' not executing properly
  • Fixed a bug where the Legion Arm ‘Pandemonium' only consumed Legion Gauge whenever the player used Grindstones
  • Fixed a bug that caused Geppetto's face to flicker in the cutscene after defeating the ‘Nameless Puppet' with Graphic Quality Presets – Low
  • Fixed a typo of Carlo Collodi during the End Credits


Other Issues

Players being unable to save their controller settings whenever the [Use X button for Enter] option was disabled were given a new guide to resolve the issue. In the 1.2 update, Lies of P players were recommended to check out the PS4 User Guide for more info.

A fix for not being able to enter Chapter 3 was also included in the newest update. To resolve the glitch, players need to:

  • Install the latest patch
  • Launch the game and activate any Stargazer ability
  • Visit the Hotel and interact with Geppetto to trigger a P-Organ cutscene
  • Acquire the Krat City Hall Key

Lastly, in some cases, the game's UI input  switches from controller to keyboard when keyboard input is detected. This display error has been fixed.

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Lies of P Update 1.2 Nerfs 4 Bosses
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