Lies of P The Atoned: How to Beat it

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Lies of P The Atoned: How to Beat it

As we have already explained previously in our Lies of P all optional bosses article, this is a boss that you can decide to fight or not, it all depends on what you decide to select during the conversation. Consequently, therefore, there is the possibility of completely skipping this mini-boss fight with the Lies of P The Atoned. However, even if you decide to face this fight instead, know that it is one of the easiest Lies of P bosses you will come across.

How to beat The Atoned

This boss is part of the Stalkers category, such as the Mad Donkey, a boss that you will necessarily have to defeat during your adventure because it allows you to free Geppetto and therefore continue with the game. As a result, the way of fighting is very similar, although The Atoned is slightly faster so it may challenge you a little more.

Our advice to get the upper hand in this fight is to use items and weapons that allow you to inflict fire damage on this Lies of P boss, since he is vulnerable to this element. Furthermore, one piece of advice that always remains valid is to dodge his attacks, since adopting this approach will be much easier than trying to parry them. This way, once you are behind her, you will have the opportunity to hit her and inflict greater damage.

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In addition to paying attention to her very fast combos which can put a strain on your reflexes to try to dodge them, the type of attack you will absolutely have to pay attention to is the one when she decides to throw poison at you. This attack, in fact, will cause you to be hit by the Decay status which will inflict acid damage over time, thus decreasing your health bar. Furthermore, it will also cause damage by causing your weapon to get damaged more and faster over time.

Once you manage to defeat the Lies of P The Atoned boss, you will receive rewards. Among them, in addition to the usual Ergo, there are also The Atoned Old Dog Mask and one of the Lies of P costumes that you can then decide to wear, if you like. So, in case you are facing a run in which you want to unlock all the costumes and all the accessories, carrying out this boss fight is mandatory.

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How to avoid the fight with The Atoned

However, as we already said at the beginning of this article, it is possible to avoid this clash entirely. To be able to do this, however, you will have to pay attention to the humanity points that you will be able to accumulate during your journey in the world of Lies of P. In any case, even if you have spoken to all the Stalkers of the same group, there is a way to avoid clashing with the Lies of P The Atoned boss. Which? We will tell you right away.

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As soon as you arrive at the place where this character is, you will have to talk to her. Here, pay close attention to the dialogue options you choose, as they are the key to being able to skip this fight entirely. In fact, if during your chat you decide to select a specific dialogue option that you have learned during previous conversations with the other NPCs of the same group, The Atoned will not become hostile and therefore you will not have to fight it. Choose, therefore, to lie, and you will not have to fight this boss.

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Lies of P The Atoned: How to Beat it
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