Lies of P Sequel on the Way, Plus DLC

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Lies of P Sequel on the Way, Plus DLC

A Lies of P sequel is officially in development, as announced by the game developers themselves. Furthermore, fans of the game will be happy to know that a Lies of P DLC is also in development and will arrive in the near future, in addition to the patch that the developers had already planned to release this November. According to what the development team itself said, there will be new features and new content that we can rely on.

Lies of P DLC is coming

In a letter from Jin Won Choi, one of the creators of Lies of P, we can learn how the game is about to receive a DLC, in addition to the fact that a sequel will also arrive in the future. Given how enormously successful the game was, also from a sales point of view, despite being available in the Xbox Game Pass catalog, these are two pieces of news that do not take us by surprise at all, as it was more than predictable that Neowiz and Round8 wanted to continue along this path.

“Our highest priority is developing the DLC and working on our sequel. The development team is putting in significant effort, brainstorming, and exploring different aspects of the projects. I wish I could share all the details with you. But if I do that, I will undoubtedly face stern reprimands from my fellow developers.”

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Lies of P patch

As we already mentioned at the beginning of this article, a Lies of P patch will be released during this month, which will aim to balance some things that made the game not too balanced in some situations. We also know that the shovel puppet found in Venigni Works will be buffed and that the Rising Dodge ability will now be one of the ones you have by default. Furthermore, players will also be able to receive the NPC Alidoro's outfit, as suggested by Choi himself.

Another addition that will come with this patch is that you will finally be able to use both hats and glasses at the same time, as they will be stored in two different types of slots in your inventory. As if that wasn't enough, the developers have also decided to intervene on the game's soundtrack, meaning that you will now have a collection of more than 60 tracks that you can listen to.

lies of p sequel

Lies of P Sequel on the Way, Plus DLC
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